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BIO Startup Accelerator Program Expands Its Boundaries!

BIO-Entrepreneurs from 5 different countries will have the chance to go to San Diego for BIO 2017! 12/04/2017 -   BIO Startup Program, organized for the first time in Turkey in 2016 by TEPAV and TOBB BIO and with the support of MSD, gathers Biotechnology entrepreneurs and startups under one roof; this time accepts applications from Middle East and Gulf Countries. The Program, which will accept applications from Bio entrepreneurs located in Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Jordan, United Arab Emirates and Turkey, will be organized with the support of MSD and with the contributions of Viveka. The program consists of three phases: In the initial phase, the applications of bio [More]

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Release of ENC Report – A Modernized EU-Turkey Customs Union – Expert Interviews and Analysis

11/04/2017 - The European Neighbourhood Council (ENC) published its ENC Report entitled “A Modernized EU-Turkey Customs Union” – Expert Interviews and Analysis with in-depth interviews from relevant government policy makers inside the EU and Turkey, including also academics and private sector opinion-shapers on the topic of Customs Union reform. The Report is prepared by TEPAV G20 Studies Director M. Sait Akman and European Neighbourhood Council Director Samuel D. Vesterbye. A Modernized EU-Turkey Customs Union – Expert Interviews and Analysis contains 9 structured int [More]

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Recovering From a Steep Decline in February Through Improved Expectations, TEPE is Still at Negative

87th issue of TEPAV Retail Confidence Index has been published. 04/04/2017 - TEPE, negative since February 2016, continued on negative course for the third month of this year. Recovering the decline in February, it reached its October-January average of -15,8 in March. Improvement in the expected sales for the upcoming 3 months with respect to February played a role in the recovery of retail confidence index. Retail confidence increased in the “other” (gas station, pharmacy, perfumery, hardware, glassware, stationary etc.), and “non-specialized stores” sectors. Furthermore, when compared to the EU-28 and Eurozone, Turkey saw a dec [More]

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Business Ethics and Transparency in SMEs to Prevent Bribery and Corruption in Turkey

03/04/2017 - TEPAV has completed the Project called "Promotion of Business Ethics and Transparency in SMEs", which is financed by the British Embassy's Prosperity Fund. The closing meeting of the project was held on April 3rd, 2017 in Ankara. Small to medium-sized business enterprises are usually characterized by informal understandings and shared expectations among the workforce regarding how business is done. Any values and ethical principles are often implicit rather than formally expressed through ethics policies and codes that are familiar in large companies. Th [More]

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Middle East Peace Process in the New International Setting: Palestinian and Turkish Perspectives

  28/03/2017 - ANKARA- The event entitled “Middle East Peace Process in the New International Setting: Palestinian and Turkish Perspectives” was organized by TEPAV and ORSAM on 28th of March in Ankara. The meeting kicked off with opening remarks by panelists Amal A. Jadou, Assistant Minister on European Affairs of the State of Palestine, and Ahmet Yıldız, Deputy Foreign Minister of the Republic of Turkey. Following the opening remarks, the event proceeded with a Question and Answer session where guests were given the opportunity to direct questions to the esteemed panelis [More]

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Female Employment Decreased by 40 Thousand in the Past Year 60th Issue of TEPAV Employment Monitoring Bulletin is Published
haber resmi 27/03/2017 Using the Social Security Institution (SGK) data for December 2016, the 60th issue of TEPAV’s Employment Monitoring Bulletin indicates that the number of female employees in formal employment decreased by 40 thousand in December 2016 compared to [More]
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The Vocational Training Model for the New Industrial Revolution Discussed at TEPAV
haber resmi 05/03/2017 ANKARA- The topic “How to Design a Vocational Training Model for the New Industrial Revolution” was addressed at the meeting, held with the support of J.P. Morgan, on Tuesday, February 28th on TEPAV’s premises. The results of the Vocational Traini [More]
Decrease In The Expectations Has Negatively Affected Retail Confidence 86th issue of TEPAV Retail Confidence Index has been published.
haber resmi 03/03/2017 TEPE which was following a negative course since February 2016, continued its decline through the last 13 months as well. TEPE declined both month-on-month and year-on-year basis in February 2017. With regards, the developments regarding the last 3 [More]
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