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TEPAV - Sak: “The new EU engagement process is very important”

The “EU- Turkey High Level Economic Dialogue” and “Foreign Direct Investments and Investment Climate in Turkey Conference” was held in Istanbul. 25/04/2016 - ISTANBUL- Executive Director of TEPAV Güven Sak while pointing out the vitality of the new engagement process between the EU and Turkey said “For us Turks, the EU engagement process signifies the arrival of administrative reforms. At the moment, this is what we need.” The “EU-Turkey Business Dialogue” as a part of “EU- Turkey High Level Economic Dialogue” meeting, held in Istanbul on Monday, April 25, in line with the decisions taken on November 29, 2015 by  the Turkish Government and the Heads of State of EU members. And the “Foreign Direct Investments an [More]

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Syrians in Turkey: Unemployment and Social Cohesion

Evaluation Note / Esra Özpınar - Yasemin Satır Çilingir - Ayşegül Taşöz Düşündere 18/04/2016 - Integration of Syrian refugees living in Turkey to the labor market carries a risk with regards to social cohesion. According to TurkStat 2014 data, 68.8 percent of those aged over 6 years old in Turkey have a middle school or lower level education. Furthermore, according to AFAD 2014 report, 79.8 percent of the Syrian refugees of those aged over 6 years old have middle school or lower education. These numbers indicate that there is the possibility of local and refugee labor force with similar education levels to compete for jobs in the labor market. Ther [More]

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How Does the Syrian Refugee Crisis Affect Public Health in Turkey?

Evaluation Note / Esra Özpınar 06/04/2016 - Turkey’s Syrian population has exceeded 2.7 million. Looking at the distribution of Syrians in Turkey, one sees that the refugees are spread around the country. Socioeconomic integration of the Syrian refugees in Turkey is a priority item on the agendas of Government of Turkey, local governments as well as local and international NGOs. In line with this agenda, policy reforms and projects are being carried out in the areas of labour market, education and health services. In the domain of public health, general health screenings, including vaccinations, for [More]

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Startup Visa Programs in the G20 Countries

Evaluation Note / Ayşegül Aytaç & Ussal Şahbaz   16/03/2016 -   The gap between male and female participation in the labor force, youth unemployment, and shortages of skilled labor are just some of the global issues of significance discussed during Turkey’s presidency of the G20. Although the G20 has committed to reducing the gap between male and female participation in G20 countries by 25% by 2025, there is no such G20 target for youth unemployment, which reached 13.1% globally in 2014. Moreover, across G20 countries it is projected that 15% of youth will be permanently left out of the labor market by 2025. For this [More]

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TEPAV publishes report on labor policies in Turkey’s coal mining sector

Turkey should develop a national policy to protect the health and ensure the security of all workers in the coal mining sector, while seeking to provide for the sustainable development of the country’s natural resources, a report published by TEPAV w 09/03/2016 - The ANKARA – Turkey should adopt a national policy aiming to improve the conditions of workers in the coal mining sector, a report published by the Economic Policy Research Foundation of Turkey (TEPAV) said. The report “Contractual Arrangements in Turkey’s Coal Mines,” based on a study realized utilizing funds provided by the International Labor Organization (ILO) was published both in Turkish and English on the Turkish think tank’s website. Highlighting the necessity of cooperation in the sector to develop Turkey’s natural resources sustainably and effici [More]

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Conference on “Germany, Turkey and the Syrian Refugee Crisis” ESI Founding Chairman Gerald Knaus delivered a presentation on the refugee influx to the EU member states and the importance of Turkey’s “readmission agreement.”
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ANKARA - On the 26th of February, 2016, TEPAV together with the European Stability Initiative’ (ESI), held a conference on the Syrian Refugee Crisis. In detail, the conference titled ‘How Germany and Turkey can save the liberal Europe and the EU de [More]
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Workshop on Anti-Corruption Program in Private Sector... Transparency International shared the results of various studies  
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  Ankara-TEPAV, The Workshop on the Anti-Corruption Program in the Private Sector was hosted by TEPAV on February 29 with the collaboration of Transparency International and the Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands. TEPAV Director Güven Sak refe [More]
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Debate on "Sustainable Development Goals" at TEPAV Tenth Regional Development and Governance Symposium held  
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  ANKARA- The Tenth TEPAV Regional Development and Governance Symposium was held on February 19th in Ankara. This year’s symposium theme was "Decision Making within the Triangle of Society, Economy and Environment". In his inaugural speech, TEPAV [More]
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