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The T20 Advisory Council Convened at TEPAV

Council members discussed the T20 activities to be carried out in 2015 07/01/2015 - ANKARA – TEPAV, which has undertook the organization and the coordination of Think 20 (T20) outreach group in 2015 during Turkey’s G20 presidency, hosted the T20 National Advisory Council to exchange information on the activities to be carried out in 2015. The meeting, held at the TEPAV offices on Wednesday, 7 January 2015, started with a presentation entitled “T20 Turkey 2015: Agenda, Schedule, Opportunities” by Güven Sak, TEPAV Managing Director. Sak briefed the Council members on the history of the G20 and its outreach groups, the G20 agenda, Turkey’s p [More]

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The G20 Forum as an Opportunity to Improve Cooperation between Emerging and Advanced Economies

Report / Feride İnan & Güneş Aşık 30/12/2014 - "The past few decades have been marked by the increasing integration and interconnectedness of the global economy, driven by trade-liberalizing policies, the removal of controls previously imposed on capital, and technological progress. The new global order is also characterized by the rise of emerging economies markets as significant global players, which has in turn reinforced the degree of global interconnectedness between all countries. The far-reaching global impact of the 2008 crisis, which began after the meltdown of the US subprime mortgage market, [More]

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TEPAV Organizes the Fourth Merih Celasun Memorial Day…

This year’s Memorial Lecture will be delivered on December 29th by Prof. Dr. İlhan Tekeli: Lessons from Turkey’s Urbanization Experience 23/12/2014 - ANKARA- The fourth of the Memorial Day events TEPAV has initiated in commemoration of Prof. Dr. Merih Celasun, who dedicated his life to provide solutions to the structural problems of Turkish economy, will be carried out on Monday, December 29th. The memorial lecture of this year’s event will be delivered by renowned academics Prof. Dr. İlhan Tekeli of METU Department of City and Regional Planning. Tekeli will deliver a speech titled “Lessons from Turkey’s Urbanization Experience.” The Memorial Day events TEPAV has been carrying out since 2010 host renow [More]

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TEPAV will Chair the Think 20

TEPAV Managing Director Güven Sak briefed the G20 Sherpas about T20 Turkey activities during a meeting in Istanbul 22/12/2014 - ANKARA- TEPAV was appointed to coordinate the activities of Think Tanks 20 during Turkey’s G20 Presidency in 2015. TEPAV Managing Director Güven Sak addressed G20 Sherphas at a meeting in Istanbul on December 16th about T20 Turkey priorities. On the same day, the TEPAV team organized a roundtable meeting with the participation of the T20 representatives G20 2014 President Australia and 2016 President China. During the meeting, also attended by participants from Germany and Canada, the experiences of Australia during its presidency and recommendations for [More]

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The Policy Response in Emerging Market Economies in the G20

Report / Fatih Özatay, PhD 09/12/2014 - "The global financial crisis caused sharp output and employment losses in most of the advanced- and emerging-market economies, and triggered an intense discussion on how to achieve financial stability and design an optimal financial architecture to minimize the risk of occurrence of such a financial crisis once more. Obviously, this debate has focused on preventive measures and looks into “before” a financial crisis. An equally important subject is the enormous problems faced “after” the global financial crisis and their linkages with a lack of policy coope [More]

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Retail Confidence Stagnant TEPE improved by a weak 0.1 points month-on-month but declined by 15.4 points year-on-year
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ANKARA - In November 2014, TEPE decreased year-on-year by 15.4 points despite a slight month-on-month recovery by 0.1. Sales expectations and anticipated business recovery declined both month-on-month and year-on-year. All retailing subsectors exce [More]
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Turkey's Distressing Dance with Capital Flows Report / Fatih Özatay, PhD
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  "In the aftermath of the 2001 crisis Turkey took important steps towards achieving macroeconomic and financial stability. Together with favorable international financial conditions, this helped to achieve a rather high per-capita GDP growth. The [More]
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