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The New Turks: How the Influx of Syrians is Changing Turkey

Evaluation Note / Selim Koru & Omar Kadkoy   19/06/2017 -   It was April 2011 when the first group of Syrians crossed the border into Turkey. The 252 Syrians who moved to the town of Yayladağı, Hatay came from villages adjacent to the Turkish border. They were fleeing Syrian President Bashar al-Assad regime’s brutal suppression of protests that were erupting across the country. In the months and years that followed, hundreds of thousands of Syrians approached the Turkish border, with a majority coming from Northern Syria, and a smaller group from the southern provinces, including big cities like Damascus. Seven y [More]

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What Would the European Court of Human Right’s Köksal vs. Turkey Decision Mean?

Policy Note / Levent Gönenç 14/06/2017 - The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) publicly announced on June 12, 2017, an important decision which would greatly affect the legal developments that which have taken place following the July 15 coup attempt. In this unanimously given decision, which was made on an application of a primary school teacher who was dismissed from work by a decree-law issued under the state of emergency (SoE-DL), the ECHR stated that; the applicant must primarily exhaust all domestic remedies and therefore must apply to the “Commission on Examination of the State of Emerg [More]

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T20 Proposals to G20 Communique

09/06/2017 - During the G20 Germany presidency, the T20 (Think20) Summit was held in Berlin on May 29th and 30th, 2017. The T20 consisted of twelve task forces and each task force composed of think-tank representatives from the G20 countries. The task forces produced 73 policy briefs on twelve topics. After the T20 summit, policy briefs prepared by the co-chairs of the T20 were selected under “20 Solution Proposals for the G20”[1] as recommendations. TEPAV, as a co-chair in the forced migration task force, prepared a policy recommendation titled “Forced Migrants: Labou [More]

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Business Activity is not Recovering, TEPE is Still at Its Lowest

89th issue of TEPAV Retail Confidence Index has been published. 02/06/2017 - TEPE, which was at its lowest of the last 99 months in April, remained at that level in May. Index that slightly increased (by 0,5 points) compared to the previous month, decreased by 6,8 points compared to the same month last year. The yearly decrease in TEPE is attributed to the y-o-y decrease in the level of business activity in the last 3 months and sales expectations for the coming 3 months. “Electrical appliances, radio and televisions” sector scored the highest y-o-y increase in retail confidence in May. Furthermore, when compared to the EU-28 and [More]

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Bio-entrepreneurs will go to San Diego to join BIO 2017

14 successful bio-entrepreneurs made their presentations to the jury at the BIO Startup Program Demo Day, held on May 25th at TEPAV. 25/05/2017 -   The BIO Startup Accelerator Program, organized by TEPAV and TOBB BIO in Turkey for the first time in 2016 with the support of MSD and seeking to gather biotechnology entrepreneurs and start-ups under one roof. This year the Program was organized by TEPAV with the contributions of MSD and Viveka, has accepted bio-entrepreneurs’ applications from Middle East and Gulf Countries; namely from Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Jordan, the United Arab Emirates and Turkey. Within the Program, bio-entrepreneurs have gone through an intensive online training and mentori [More]

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Turkey Can Help Integrate Muslim Asia into China’s Silk Road Project
haber resmi 16/05/2017 If the 20th century was about the integration of China into the global economy; the integration of Asia and Central Asia particularly, including Afghanistan and Pakistan, into the global economy is the major project for the 21st century, according [More]
In April, TEPE Is At Its Lowest Of The Last 99 Months 88th issue of TEPAV Retail Confidence Index has been published.
haber resmi 03/05/2017 TEPE, negative since February 2016, with -20,2 points in April decreased to its lowest level of the last 99 months. TEPE has hit a similar level during the 2008-2009 global crisis period. The monthly and annual decrease in TEPE is attributed to the [More]
Employment Increased by 312 Thousand with the Surprise Increase in Education Sector, SME Employment Decreased by 88 Thousand 61st Issue of TEPAV Employment Monitoring Bulletin is Published  
haber resmi 28/04/2017   Using the Social Security Institution (SGK) data for January 2017, the 61st issue of TEPAV’s Employment Monitoring Bulletin indicates that the number of employees in formal employment increased by 312 thousand in January 2017 compared to January [More]
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