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“Sunni-Shia Polarization in the Middle East” Discussed at TEPAV

Prof. Dr. Onat: “For the first time, we are faced with the risk of a global sectarian tension.” 03/07/2014 - ANKARA - Prof. Dr. Hasan Onat, Head of Ankara University Faculty of Divinity Department of the History of Islamic Sects declared that sectarian tensions until recently had been local and small-scale and warned: “For the first time the Muslim world is faced with the risk of a global sectarian tension.” A roundtable meeting entitled “Sunni-Shia Polarization in the Middle East” was held at TEPAV on Thursday, 3 July 2014. During the meeting moderated by TEPAV Research Associate Hüseyin Raşit Yılmaz, keynote speaker Prof. Dr. Hasan Onat addressed the new era in [More]

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Retailers Discontented with the Past, Hopeless about the Future

Both the level of business activities compared to the past and expectations for the future weakened 02/07/2014 - ANKARA - TEPE decreased both month-on-month and year-on-year in June 2014 to the lowest value since 2010 considering first six months. Expectations stagnant over the last 7 months declined. The level of business activities compared to the past periods and expectations for the future weakened. Retail confidence in the EU-28 maintains the year-on-year recovery. Turkey had the sharpest year-on-year decline in retail confidence compared to the EU-28 countries. TEPE, which reached the peak of the year in March, has been down since then. With a value of -11.6, T [More]

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Employment Growth in Manufacturing Industry Winds Down

Deindustrialization impact on overall employment, women’s employment and the number of businesses becomes visible 01/07/2014 - ANKARA- The contribution of the manufacturing industry to employment growth has been in a gradual decline. Employment growth rate in manufacturing was below the overall employment growth in February 2014. The 27th issue of the TEPAV Employment Monitoring Bulletin reports that as of February 2014, the number of insured workers across Turkey increased year-on-year by 6.3 percent (738,000 people) to 12,486,000. Among the top 10 sectors in employment growth, 7 were in the services and 2 in construction sectors. Manufacture of wearing apparels was the only manu [More]

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TEPAV Attended the Civil 20 Summit in Melbourne

Participants met with Australia’s Prime Minister Tony Abbott 23/06/2014 - MELBOURNE – TEPAV attended the Civil 20 (C20) Summit in Melbourne on 20-21 June 2014. Along with TEPAV, OXFAM, change.org, (Turkey and Middle East Office), WWF Turkey and GIF attended the Summit. On 22 June, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott met with a delegation of the Australian C20 Steering Committee and representatives of international NGOs and CSOs from Turkey, China, India, the USA, Russia, and the UK. Turkey was represented by TEPAV research associate Feride İnan. During the meeting, the Australian Civil 20 Communique was submitted to Prime Min [More]

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Designing an Industrial Policy Toolkit for Turkey and Western Balkans

The Second TEPAV - OECD Industrial Policy Workshop was held in Istanbul 20/06/2014 - ISTANBUL- A report entitled “Designing an Industrial Policy Toolkit for the Western Balkans and Turkey” was discussed during the second workshop of the industrial policy series organized jointly by TEPAV and OECD. Hosted by TEPAV, the workshop on 18-19 June 2014 was attended by representatives from Ministries of Development of 6 Balkan countries (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Kosovo, Serbia, and Montenegro) and of Turkey, and from the Central European Free Trade Agreement (CEFTA), the European Commission (EC), OECD and TEPAV. Participants dis [More]

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Private Sector Development in Afghanistan and Pakistan Evaluation Note / Ozan Acar
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"Two major developments will be extremely important for the future of Afghanistan. The first is the 2014 presidential election that took place on April 5 and was an important step toward consolidating a transition to democracy. The second one is th [More]
Private Sector Development, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Economic Transformation,

The Abu Dhabi Process is Completed In the context of the process which TEPAV also supported, consultation meetings were carried out in Istanbul, Islamabad, New Delhi and Berlin.
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The Abu Dhabi Process coordinated by the Brussels-based EastWest Institute (EWI) with the co-funding of the governments of Abu Dhabi and Germany is completed. In the context of the Abu Dhabi Process, four consultation meetings about the economic fu [More]
Afghanistan, Regional Economic Cooperation, Private Sector Development,

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