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The Policy Response in Emerging Market Economies in the G20

Report / Fatih Özatay, PhD 09/12/2014 - "Global financial crisis caused sharp output and employment losses in most of the advanced and emerging market economies, and triggered an intense discussion on how to achieve financial stability and design an optimal financial architecture to minimize risk of occurrence of such a financial crisis once more. Obviously, this debate has focused on preventive measures and looks into “before” a financial crisis. An equally important subject is enormous problems faced “after” the global financial crisis and their linkages with lack of policy cooperation among sy [More]

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Retail Confidence Stagnant

TEPE improved by a weak 0.1 points month-on-month but declined by 15.4 points year-on-year 02/12/2014 - ANKARA - In November 2014, TEPE decreased year-on-year by 15.4 points despite a slight month-on-month recovery by 0.1. Sales expectations and anticipated business recovery declined both month-on-month and year-on-year. All retailing subsectors except motor vehicles performed worse than in November 2013. Retail confidence in the EU has been in decline for consecutive six months. Alike overall Turkey, retail sector is at standstill in Konya.   TEPE which had declined in September and October had a value of -15.5 in November. The Index improved by a weak 0.1 [More]

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Turkey's Distressing Dance with Capital Flows

Report / Fatih Özatay, PhD 26/11/2014 - "In the aftermath of the 2001 crisis Turkey took important steps towards achieving macroeconomic and financial stability. Together with favorable international financial conditions, this helped to achieve a rather high per-capita GDP growth. The high growth period failed to be sustainable, however. From 2008 to 2013, Turkey had a rather volatile and low growth. This paper aims at analyzing the underlying reasons of high volatility of growth and discussing short-term economic policy alternatives to mitigate such undesired fluctuations..." [More]

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International Crisis Group’s Report on the Peace Process Presented

The report makes recommendations for a solution in the peace process. 19/11/2014 - ANKARA – The latest Turkey report of the International Crisis Group was presented with a meeting at TEPAV by the Group’s Turkey/Cyprus Program Director Hugh Pope. The report titled “Turkey and the Kurds: Saving the Peace Process” investigates the current progress concerning the peace process and makes recommendations for a solution. The report states that the process was burgeoned by strong leaders on the both sides and that the PKK has changed, being reflected also onto the image of Kurds in western Turkey. On the other hand, the report stresses that play [More]

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TEPAV/Durmuş Yılmaz: “E-Commerce Transforms Traditional Trade”

Yılmaz, member of the TEPAV Board of Directors, spoke at the meeting on e-export held in Ankara in collaboration with PayPal. 12/11/2014 - ANKARA – Durmuş Yılmaz, member of the TEPAV Board of Directors, stressed that online commerce transformed traditional commerce and said, “This is because e-export removes the obstacles that hinder traditional export performance.” The findings of a TEPAV report titled “E-Export in Turkey: Problems and Opportunities” were disseminated with a meeting in Ankara on Wednesday, 12 November 2014. Delivering an opening speech, Durmuş Yılmaz, member of the TEPAV Board of Directors, emphasized that exports will be one of the main components of Turkey’s economic grow [More]

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Turkish and Armenian Entrepreneurs Convened in Gyumri The first stage of the Exchange of Entrepreneurs Project in the scope of the programme ‘‘Support to the Armenia-Turkey Normalisation Process’’ was held in Armenia
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ANKARA- The first stage of the Exchange of Entrepreneurs project jointly organized by TEPAV and Public Journalism Club (Armenia) was held in Yerevan and Gyumri on 6-9 November. The project brought together Turkish and Armenian entrepreneurs in Gyu [More]
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Retail Confidence Slumps at the Start of the Last Quarter TEPE which had moved up in July and August had a value of -15 in October
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In October 2014, TEPE declined month-on-month by 2.4 points and year-on-year by 14.3 points. Sales expectations weakened in both terms while anticipation for business recovery improved month-on-month. All sub-sectors of the retail industry worsened [More]
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