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Think20 Event in Washington Brings Together Ali Babacan and Think Tanks

Think20 Event in Washington brings together Turkey’s Deputy Prime Minister Ali Babacan and representatives from leading think tanks. 21/04/2015 -   Washington -  TEPAV organized the Think-20 meeting titled ‘“Challenges to the Global Economy and the Role of the G-20” on April 16 at the Ronald Reagan building in Washington D.C. The keynote speaker Deputy Prime Minister Ali Babacan drew attention to the high representation power of the G20 platform -  G20 countries make up two thirds of  the world’s population, 75 percent of global trade  and 85 of global GDP. DPM Ali Babacan also emphasized that the G20 includes both advanced and developing countries from all continents that contributes to the legiti [More]

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Catalyst? TTIP’s Impact on the Rest

Evaluation Note / M. Sait Akman, Simon J. Evenett and Patrick Low   16/04/2015 - "A number of assumptions appear to have been made in Brussels and Washington DC about how the rest of the world will react to the successful conclusion of a Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). Many of the contributions to a new ebook identify alternatives for third countries that do not involve throwing themselves at the mercy of US and European trade negotiators. TTIP may not trigger the chain reaction that its advocates seek..." [More]

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The Situation of Fundamental Freedoms in Turkey

Evaluation Note / Nilgün Arısan Eralp 15/04/2015 -   "Fundamental freedoms in the discourse of the European Union (EU) mean: freedom of expression, freedom of peaceful assembly, freedom of religion, freedom of belief and freedom of association. Naturally these freedoms are of utmost importance for Turkey (like any democratic country in the world) not only in the context of its relations with the EU, but for the country itself including its leverage in its region. The significance of the fundamental freedoms for the country can be summarised as follows:" [More]

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G20 Workshop on Inclusive Business Held in Ankara

Mr. Şahbaz, director of the TEPAV G20 Studies Center, delivered a presentation on how the World SME Forum to be established with the lead of TOBB will benefit inclusive policies. 15/04/2015 -   ANKARA – On April 8th, 2015, Ankara hosted the G20 Workshop on Inclusive Business (IB). At the event, a slew of speakers from business, government, and academia spoke on the topic of IB, all with their own unique perspective. Those who spoke on behalf of the private sector ranged from burgeoning entrepreneurs to representatives of multi-billion dollar corporations. Vodafone Turkey’s Hülya Uçarlar represented the latter perspective, as she spoke on the telecommunication company’s efforts with rural farmers. Lars Krückeberg, on the other hand, spoke [More]

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Meeting on the G20 Presidency of Turkey and Its Impact on Africa

The meeting held by TEPAV ve South African Institute of International Affairs was held in Johannesburg 07/04/2015 - Ankara - A meeting on Turkey’s term presidency of the G20 and its impact on Africa was organized by TEPAV and the South African Institute of International Affairs in  Johannesburg on April 3rd. Ussal Şahbaz, Director of TEPAV Centre of G20 Studies and Feride İnan, TEPAV researcher, participated in the meeting presided by the Turkish Ambassador to South Africa, H.E. Kaan Esener. The TEPAV team presented a report that bore the same title as the meeting. Following the presentation, participants from the diplomatic corps and the business world discussed the [More]

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Science, Technology and Innovation in G20 Countries Evaluation Note / Selin Arslanhan Memiş
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"1. Major science and technology-driven changes reshape global manufacturing and value chains in recent years. Developments in technology and innovation based strategies have become the basic factors of  competitiveness at the level of both countr [More]

TEPAV and KIEP Share Experiences in G20 Cooperation A meeting jointly organized by TEPAV and its Korean counterpart KIEP opened to discussion the roles of the Korea and Turkey in G20 and their industrial policy experiences.
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ANKARA – In the context of its T20 agenda, TEPAV organized a meeting meeting with the Korea Institute for International Economic Policy (KIEP) on Friday, 13 March 2015. The meeting was opened by Bozkurt Aran, Director of TEPAV Center for Multilater [More]
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