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Turkey-EU Relations in the Light of the 2014 Progress Report: Same Old Song With A Different Meaning

Evaluation Note / Nilgün Arısan Eralp 21/10/2014 - "The 2014 Progress Report of the European Commission for Turkey was published in an atmosphere of a new Turkish opening to the European Union (EU). It is worth to have a look at whether there is a sound basis for hope for  a promising new era  in in the relations between Turkey and the EU and whether the last Progress Report substantiate these hopes. The 2014 Progress Report went almost unnoticed. Given the “ring of fire” surrounding the country and domestic upheavals, this is understandable. However this lack of enthusiasm regarding the progress reports o [More]

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Retail Sector Performs Worse than 2013 in the First 9 Months of 2014

TEPE had the lowest value in a third quarter since 2009. 02/10/2014 - In September 2014, TEPE declined month-on-month by 6.7 points and year-on-year by 9 points. The TEPAV Retail Confidence Index had a value of -1.1 in the first nine months of 2013, compared to -6.7 in the same period in 2014. The retail sector therefore performed worse than 2013 in 2014. Concerning 3rd quarter figures, retail confidence was at -7.9 in 2014, compared to -1.5 in 2014 and -11.8 in 2009. This is the lowest TEPE value recorded in a third quarter since 2009. Concerning sub-sectors, the highest year-on-year improvement was in the electrical appli [More]

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Iraqi Turkmen Front President Erşat Salihi: “Security zones must be built for the Turkmen”

Erşat Salihi stressed that Iraqi Turkmen had been the number one target of ISIL and that the Turkmen should be allowed to form armed forces. 24/09/2014 - ANKARA – Stressing that the Iraqi Turkmen had been the number one target of ISIL, Erşat Salihi, President of the Iraqi Turkmen Front and Iraqi Parliamentarian from Kirkuk said that a security zone had to be the build and the Turkmen had to be allowed to own armed forces. The future of Iraq and Iraqi Turkmen amid the latest developments was addressed with a meeting at TEPAV on 24 September 2014.  Moderated by TEPAV research associate Hüseyin Raşit Yılmaz, the meeting hosted Erşat Salihi, President of the Iraqi Turkmen Front, Iraqi Parliamentarian from Kirku [More]

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Development Agencies Workshop Convened in Ankara

TEPAV Director Sak: “Chambers seek to be more active in local development decisions” 16/09/2014 - ANKARA – Development Agencies Workshop convened in Ankara with the participation of the Minister of Development Cevdet Yılmaz, TOBB President M. Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu, and heads of chambers and commodity exchanges of 81 provinces. TEPAV Director Güven Sak delivered a presentation titled “How to Read Development Agencies and the Chamber/Commodity Exchange System Together?” Pointing at TEPAV’s works on local development, Sak said, “Chambers are willing to take an active part in local development decisions.” Stating that the weight of the public sector and cen [More]

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Women Outpace Men in Job Gains

The number of women in insured employment increased year-on-year by 238,000 reaching 3,324,000 as of the end of April. 16/09/2014 - ANKARA – The number of women in insured employment increased year-on-year by 238,000 (7.7 percent) and month-on-month by 21,000 (0.6 percent), reaching 3,324,000 as of the end of April. The 29th issue of the TEPAV Employment Monitoring Bulletin reports that the leader in women’s employment growth was the building and landscape activities sector with an increase of 63,000 (62 percent). This was followed by retail trade sector with an increase of 29,000; education with 24,000; and food and beverages services sector with 20,000. Concerning percentage growth, [More]

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Arbitration Center and Incubation Center to be Established in Cyprus The second summit of the Nicosia Economic Forum was held in Istanbul
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ISTANBUL –Heads of business organizations of Turkey, Greece, South Cyprus and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) convened for the second time after the first summit in Nicosia. The four leaders held the second summit of the Nicosia Econ [More]
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Findings of the Transatlantic Trends Survey Presented at TEPAV The survey reveals that more of the Turkish respondents thought that EU membership would be good for Turkey
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ANKARA- Findings of the 2014 Transatlantic Trends survey conducted by the GMF (The German Marshall Fund of the United States) was presented at TEPAV. The survey reveals that the rate of respondents from Turkey who believe that EU membership would b [More]
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