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Retail Confidence Decreases Due To Negative Expectations

91th issue of TEPAV Retail Confidence Index has been published. 02/08/2017 - TEPE, which decreased to the level of -16.8 points in the first half of 2017, was -19.5 points in July 2017. Index that decreased by 3.8 point compared to the previous month and 7.9 points compared to the same month last year. The yearly decrease in TEPE is attributed to the y-o-y decrease in the level of business activity in the last 3 months and sales expectations for the coming 3 months. “Other (gas station, pharmacy, perfumery, hardware, glassware, stationary etc.)” sector scored the highest y-o-y increase in retail confidence in July. Furthermore, when [More]

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SSI Started to Publish Registered Employment Data In a Revised Format

The 62nd edition of the TEPAV Employment Monitoring Bulletin prepared with new data series of Social Security Institution is published. 24/07/2017 - On 20 July 2017, the Social Security Institution (SSI) announced its new and improved monthly statistics. The new dataset is used in the 62nd edition of TEPAV Employment Monitoring Bulletin that evaluates the data for April 2017. Different than the old series, the newly announced dataset does not include interns and trainees in the in the scope of 4/a, and optionally insured and the laborers insured for other reasons are not included in the scope of 4/c. The comparison of the new and the old series for 4/a employees announced by SSI is shown in Figure 1. T [More]

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Armenia -Turkey Investors Meetup

  12/07/2017 -   As a follow-up activity to the Armenia-Turkey Investor Day held in Yerevan in May 2017, TEPAV and PJC (Public Journalism Club) will organize a series of networking meetings between a group of venture capitals, startup incubator representatives, and angel investing community members from Armenia and Turkey in Istanbul on the 20th and 21st of July, 2017. The meetings will focus on enhancing the professional exchange and creating broader avenues to connect the growing angel investing communities of Armenia and Turkey. To connect the startup potential of Arm [More]

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The G20 Hamburg Summit draws to an end

09/07/2017 - The G20 leaders’ summit that brings together the world's 19 largest developed and emerging economies plus the European Union took place in Hamburg on July 7-8. The leaders’ communiqué that came out of the G20 Hamburg Summit this year includes both a reemphasis on commitments of previous summits and new commitments shaped by the priorities of the German G20 leadership in 2017. The main significance of the leaders’ communiqué - a 15 page document of about 5500 words in 2017-  is the extent  to which political leaders were able to reach an agreement on how to [More]

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Setting the Stage for Germany: Turkey and China made G20 more relevant for the developing countries

07/07/2017 - I see mostly continuity in the agenda of G20 when I look from the Antalya communique in December 2015 to the Hangzhou communique in September 2016. Turkey has started a process to make the G20 more relevant for developing countries and China has actually laid bare a quantifiable framework to achieve the aforementioned objective. I see German leadership of the G20 in 2017 as a great opportunity to design an implementable agenda to make the G20 more relevant for developing countries. The G20 was established as a meeting of finance ministers and centr [More]

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Retailers Are Not Satisfied With The First Six Months Of 2017 90th issue of TEPAV Retail Confidence Index has been published.
haber resmi 06/07/2017 TEPE, which reached to -6.9 points during the first half of 2016, decreased to the level of -16.8 points in the first half of 2017. Index that slightly increased by 1.0 point compared to the previous month, decreased by 2.9 points compared to the s [More]
Bioentrepreneurs Have Met With Investors In San Diego Turkey has been represented at the BIO Convention 2017 by a program organized by TEPAV between 17-22 June in San Diego.
haber resmi 30/06/2017 Attended by approximately 65 countries’ private and public sector representatives each year in the USA, the largest biotechnology organization in the world, the BIO Convention 2017 took place in San Diego. A Turkish delegation composed of publi [More]
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Quo Vadis Turkey-EU Relations? Article / Nilgün Arısan Eralp
haber resmi 29/06/2017 Relations between the EU and Turkey have always been volatile: “trying to get a perspective on Turkey’s relationship with the EU has been a difficult task, somewhat like attempting to paint [the] landscape on a fast moving train: the scenery would [More]

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