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Keywords: Financial Markets

Evaluation Note / Sarp Kalkan Short term fund inflows are harmful for banks
Haber Resim
30/12/2010 The monetary easing followed by the central banks in developed countries, FED to begin with, elevated short term fund flows towards developing countries including Turkey. Since the primary channel of entry for fund flows is the banking sector, [More]
Evaluation Note/Doç. Dr. Alpay Filiztekin "On March Inflation Rates"
12/04/2007 March inflation rate which was announced recently has aroused indignation due to the change made in the calculation of Consumer Price Index (CPI) by Turkish Statistical Institute (TURKSTAT). In its announcement, the Central Bank, even in partly, used [More]
Policy Note: "2006 May Shock: How Different Than 2003 and 2004 "
25/07/2006 TEPAV | EPRI has prepared a policy note which analyses both mean and standard deviation of the distribution of inflation expectations that extracted from the inflation surveys of CNBC-e. According to the note, the recent shock that hit the Turkish ec [More]