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Keywords: Turkey - Armenia Relations

“Support to the Armenia-Turkey Normalization Process” Programme Presented at TEPAV Activities carried out in the context of the programme since its launch in January 2014 were shared with the participants.
Haber Resim
21/10/2014 ANKARA – The European Union-funded programme “Support to the Armenia-Turkey Normalization Process” aimed at supporting civil society efforts towards normalisation of relations between Turkey and Armenia was presented with a meeting held at TE [More]
Support to the Armenia – Turkey Normalisation Process Grant Scheme - Call for Proposals Deadline for applications is September 15th, 2014
Haber Resim
03/09/2014 ANKARA - A Consortium of eight civil society organisations from Armenia and Turkey announces the Call for Proposals for the Grant Scheme within the framework of the Support to the Armenia-Turkey Normalisation Process Programme funded by the Europea [More]
Turkish Entrepreneurs to Participate in Startup Weekend Armenia TEPAV will take a group of entrepreneurs and investors to Startup Weekend Armenia in the framework of the Project for Armenia-Turkey Normalization Process
Haber Resim
28/08/2014 ANKARA – A group of Turkish entrepreneurs and investors will participate in Startup Weekend Armenia on November 7-9, 2014 with the facilitation of TEPAV. Expenses of 10 of the eligible entrepreneurs will be financed via the program budget. Withi [More]
Legal Framework for Relations between Turkish and Armenian Societies The study was underpinned by the interactions between the people of the two societies despite the absence of diplomatic relations and the need arising thereby.
Haber Resim
16/11/2012   ANKARA/YEREVAN - TEPAV and Yerevan-based International Center for Human Development (ICHD) released a report titled “Review of Legal Issues between Armenia and Turkey.” The research primarily aims at relocating Turkish-Armenian interactions [More]
“Reconciliation Field Guide” for Turkish-Armenian Partnership Prepared by TEPAV… The study which compiled the results of the project building confidence and reconciliation between Turkey and Armenia was launched at TEPAV.
Haber Resim
11/01/2012 ANKARA – The outputs of the project titled “A Confidence-Building and Reconciliation Field Guide for More Sustainable and Efficient Turkish-Armenian Cross-Border Partnerships” coordinated by TEPAV with the support of the German Marshall Fu [More]
Evaluation Note/Burcu Gültekin Punsmann, PhD Is the French Bill Hate Speech Regulation?
Haber Resim
21/12/2011 "It is presumed by its advocates that the bill for the criminalization of the denial of the ‘Armenian Genocide’ introduced to the French Assemblée Nationale is intending to approximate the French criminal law provisions as required by the EU [More]
Punsmann: "Armenian government’s position on protocols significant in the near future" TEPAV Foreign Policy Analyst Burcu Gültekin Punsmann evaluated the decision of the Turkish government in late August that declared the Armenian-Turkish protocols null and void.
Haber Resim
29/09/2011 Armenian government’s reaction on protocols will be significant in the near future, senior analyst at Economic Policy Research Foundation of Turkey Burcu Gultekin-Punsmann told Armenian News-NEWS.am. Initiative on return of protocols to the p [More]
Turkish and Armenian Civil Society Organizations at TEPAV The workshop organized in the context of the "Turkey-Armenia Research Project" hosted  civil society organizations from the two countries for confidence-building and rapprochement.
Haber Resim
20/07/2011 ANKARA - TEPAV organized a workshop titled 'Turkish-Armenian Confidence-Building and Reconciliation: Best Practices, Lessons Learned and How to Move Forward?' on 18 July with Turkish and Armenian civil society organizations active in the field of c [More]
Policy Note / Burcu Gültekin Punsmann, PhD. The On going Official Contacts and Cooperation on the Turkish-Armenian Border: The Impossibility for Neighbours to Elude Geography
Haber Resim
15/09/2010 The 328 km long Turkish-Armenian border starts near Lake Çıldır, and extends to Dilucu, near Iğdır, running southwards following the Aras River. The military zones flanking on both sides the border isn't though entirely closed to civilians a [More]
Policy Note / Dr. Burcu Gültekin Punsmann Building Bridge of Trust and Confidence between Turks and Armenians in Support of the Nomalization and Reconciliation Process
07/04/2010 The US congressional vote on how to define the tragic events of 1915, scheduled for the last 15 years before April, 24 which commemorates the tragic history of the Armenians, has become a harbinger for spring in Washington. The vote in the House Fo [More]