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Keywords: Trade Finance

TEPAV: Finance Problems Had a Role in the Decrease in Exports If the contraction in the use of L/C finance could have been limited to the level of contraction in the use of other finance methods, exports could have been US$5 billion higher.
11/05/2010 ANKARA- TEPAV underlined that finance problems influenced the fall in exports and that if the finance problems were overcome with necessary measures, Turkey's exports in 2009 could have been US$5 billion higher. TEPAV Policy Note 'Trade and Trade [More]
Skewed Trade: Cash in Advance When Importing; but a Lack of Cash When Exporting
25/08/2009 ANKARA- Trade problems of Turkey partially originate from weak demand in the midst of the crisis, while another probelm stems from Turkey being the party that undertakes risk both in exports and imports. The Turkish tier of the World Bank Trade Fina [More]