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Government Budget Patched Through the Unemployment Fund The amount of transfers to budget from the Unemployment Fund reached 8.6 billion TL over the 2008-2010 October.
Haber Resim
24/12/2010 ANKARA- Non-budgetary revenues, privatization revenues and unemployment fund revenues predominant among them, contributed substantially to the recovery in the budget balance.  The amount of transfers to budget only from the Unemployment Fund rea [More]
TEPAV announces Fiscal Monitoring Report February results
29/04/2010 ANKARA- Central government budget had a deficit of 5.4 billion TL as of the end of February, indicating a 48% improvement compared to February 2009. Rises in tax revenues and seasonally low interest expenditures contributed to the improvements in bud [More]
TEPAV evaluated the 2009 budget results: “Declarations in more detail should be made for fiscal transparency”
25/02/2010 ANKARA-TEPAV asked for the clarification of some points regarding the source of the improvements in 2009 budget. TEPAV report said "Clarification of the level of stock liability that was not included in 2009 budget expenditures and was transferred to [More]