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NATO’s Response to ISIL: Search for a Common Denominator Evaluation Note / Selim Koru  
Haber Resim
25/06/2015   "The self-proclaimed “Islamic State” (hereinafter “ISIL”) has erupted into the scene in the past few years. It adheres to the Salafi tradition of Sunni Islam, a literalist interpretation with practices extreme for the standards of moder [More]
Jean Marcou - "Turkey’s Foreign Policy: Shifting Back to the West after a Drift to the East?" The eight edition of the Turkey Policy Brief Series is authored by Jean Marcou, Professor at the Institut d’Etudes Politiques Grenoble (IEPG), France; and a Research Associate at the French Institute of Anatolian Studies (IFEA), Turkey.
Haber Resim
05/04/2013 "There is almost universal acknowledgement that Turkey’s foreign policy has undergone profound change over the last decade, so much so that it has become customary to speak of a 'new Turkish foreign policy'. It is worth noting that the country [More]
Deputy Prime Minister of Bosnia and Herzegovina Gives Messages on the EU Bosnia and Herzegovina too considers the EU progress report dissatisfactory.
Haber Resim
17/10/2012 ANKARA – Speaking at a meeting organized by TEPAV, Dr. Zlatko Lagumdzija, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina, stated that although political leaders in his country were in dispute on a number of issu [More]
“The Kosovo Conference” Hosted Representatives from Non-Recognizing Countries TEPAV Foreign Policy Analyst Dr. Erhan Türbedar  delivered a speech during the Conference titled “South East Europe in a Multipolar Era” organized by the Foreign Ministry of Kosovo.
Haber Resim
19/11/2011   PRISTINA – The Foreign Ministry of Kosovo co-organized the first international conference since the independence, with the European Council of Foreign Relations (ECFR). The conference held in capital city Pristina on November 18 and 19, 2011 [More]
Positive Developments in the Balkans Discussed at TEPAV In a roundtable meeting organized by TEPAV and GMF, recent developments in the Balkans were addressed in the context of the improving dialogue and progressing efforts for integration.
Haber Resim
22/03/2011 ANKARA -TEPAV and German Marshall Fund of the United States (GMF) organized a roundtable meeting with the theme "Recent Developments in Balkans" on Tuesday, March 22. The meeting addressed the recent positive developments in the region including th [More]
Transatlantic relations in the shade of missile shield With a meeting held at TEPAV transatlantic relations were discussed in the shade of the missile shield issue occupying the foreign policy agenda.
Haber Resim
26/11/2010   ANKARA - In the meeting hosted by TEPAV on 26 November 2010, transatlantic relations were discussed in the shade of the missile shield issue occupying the foreign policy agenda. The meeting organized by TEPAV and Turkish Policy Quarterly (TPQ) [More]