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Keywords: Transatlantic Relations

Findings of the Transatlantic Trends Survey Presented at TEPAV The survey reveals that more of the Turkish respondents thought that EU membership would be good for Turkey
Haber Resim
10/09/2014 ANKARA- Findings of the 2014 Transatlantic Trends survey conducted by the GMF (The German Marshall Fund of the United States) was presented at TEPAV. The survey reveals that the rate of respondents from Turkey who believe that EU membership would [More]
Launch Event of Transatlantic Trends 2013 Report at TEPAV The meeting held to present the results of the survey that measures public opinion in the US, Europe and Turkey was attended by the US and EU Ambassadors.
Haber Resim
18/09/2013 ANKARA – The 2013 results of the annual Transatlantic Trends Survey carried out by the German Marshall Fund of United States (GMF) were released with a meeting at TEPAV on Wednesday, 18 September. Following the opening addresses by H.E. Ambassad [More]
Bozkurt Aran - "Global Partnership Quests - New Contentious Dynamics in Trade and Prospects for Turkey in an age of TPP and TTIP" The eleventh edition of the Turkey Policy Brief Series is authored by Bozkurt Aran, Director ofthe Center for Multilateral Trade Studies at TEPAV
Haber Resim
13/09/2013 "The brief looks at how the necessity to maintain and develop the current trading system has led to new quests, namely the Transpacifi c Partnership (TPP); and Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). Both of the initiatives are comp [More]
TEPAV Director Sak: “Transport Corridors Necessary for Integration in the Mediterranean” Sak stated that the share of MENA countries in Turkey’s exports increased from 17.8 percent in 2007 to 35.3 percent in 2012.
Haber Resim
11/06/2013 WASHINGTON – TEPAV Director Güven Sak pointed at the need to improve transportation infrastructure for economic integration in the MENA region, the share of which in Turkey’s exports has been improving remarkably. Sak attended the meeting [More]
Transatlantic relations in the shade of missile shield With a meeting held at TEPAV transatlantic relations were discussed in the shade of the missile shield issue occupying the foreign policy agenda.
Haber Resim
26/11/2010   ANKARA - In the meeting hosted by TEPAV on 26 November 2010, transatlantic relations were discussed in the shade of the missile shield issue occupying the foreign policy agenda. The meeting organized by TEPAV and Turkish Policy Quarterly (TPQ) [More]