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Keywords: Structural Transformation

Commentary/Ussal Şahbaz: "De-industrialization: A dangerous trend in Turkish economy?" TEPAV Advisor Ussal Şahbaz stated that Turkey has to produce things to continue its sustainable growth.
Haber Resim
30/03/2011 The commentary said: "One may argue, if globally connected service sectors such as financial services, high-end retailing or energy are more productive, there is no reason to worry about these sectors replacing manufacturing. I disagree. Turkey is [More]
Prof. Rodrik of Harvard University: ‘Keep an Eye on the Manufacturing Industry and Services Sector for Sustaining Structural Transformation’ Dani Rodrik, commenting on Turkey's economy underlined that rate at which manufacturing is expanding employment has slowed down and many of the services that are growing are not as productive.
Haber Resim
22/12/2010 ANKARA - Prof. Dani Rodrik of Harvard University stated that it will be important for rapid, productivity-enhancing structural change to be sustained in order for Turkey to maintain its high rate of economic growth. Rodrik maintained that this m [More]