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TEPAV Looks For 25 Fastest Growing Turkish Firms TEPAV, under the leadership of TOBB and the collaboration of AllWorld Network, launches the Turkey 25, to bring worldwide attention to the 25 fastest growing companies of Turkey.
Haber Resim
20/04/2011   ISTANBUL - TEPAV is looking for the fast growing firms of Turkey. "The Turkey 25" will identify the fastest growing Turkish firms to bring local and international attention to their success. TEPAV will carry out the project under the leadership [More]
“The Competitiveness of the Industrial Sector Decreased by 8 Ranks in 3 Years” Speaking at a symposium organized by the Competition Authority, TEPAV Director Güven Sak said that Turkey, facing a considerable drop in competitiveness, needs an industrial strategy with a special focus on this issue.
Haber Resim
24/03/2011 ANKARA - TEPAV Director Prof. Dr. Güven Sak stressed that the competitiveness of Turkey's industrial sector between 2007 and 2010 decreased from 53rd place to 61st. Sak said, "the industrial sector needs a strategy to be issued by the public sec [More]
Istanbul will connect Europe to China Delivering a speech in the opening ceremony of training program for Egyptian Competition Authority, TEPAV Director Sak underlined that such steps turn into long-lasting dialogue mechanisms and that Istanbul-Islamabad railway project will be initiated with Pakistan.
Haber Resim
03/01/2011 ANKARA - TEPAV Director Prof. Guven Sak stated that a couple of weeks ago they received a proposal from Mr. Zerdari, President of Pakistan, regarding the construction of Istanbul - Islamabad railway and that TEPAV and TOBB will involve in this pr [More]
Training for Egyptian Competition Authority TEPAV, in cooperation with Turkish Competition Authority, will deliver five-day training for Egyptian Competition Authority officials.
Haber Resim
31/12/2010 ANKARA - Turkish Competition Authority and TEPAV will deliver training for Egyptian Competition Authority officials on 3-7 January 2011 in Ankara. Trainings to be delivered by the Turkish Competition Authority will involve a wide spectrum of topi [More]