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Keywords: Globalization

The TEPAV USA Center Celebrates its 1st Anniversary with Pulitzer Winner Tom Friedman American journalist Tom Friedman said that despite the impressive development of Turkey in the recent period, the number of journalist in jail, the self-censorship in the press, and the intimidation of the media are displeasing.
Haber Resim
29/11/2012   ANKARA – The first anniversary of the TEPAV USA Center was celebrated with a meeting that hosted American journalist and winner of three Pulitzer prizes, Tom Friedman. During the meeting, titled “The US and Our Flat World after the Election [More]
TEPAV: “New Definitions for International Trade and Current Accounts Needed” TEPAV stated that some indicators need to be reconsidered since the spread of multinational firms throughout the world has altered the balances between countries.
Haber Resim
04/03/2011 ANKARA - TEPAV argued that the nation-state based analysis of international trade and balance of payments accounts might lead to false interpretations and maintained that the mentioned accounts need to consider new definitions that regard internati [More]
TEPAV: "Social Globalization Triggered the Rebellions in Egypt and Tunisia" TEPAV stated that social globalization triggered the rebellion wave in Maghreb and Egypt by raising awareness about the relative deprivation while the high rate of youth unemployment and hikes in food prices also have created a suitable environment for rebellion.
Haber Resim
09/02/2011 ANKARA- TEPAV says the rebellions in Tunisia and Egypt are related to the "unhappiness of the Arab streets".  Stating that the high rate of unemployment and the hikes in food prices created a suitable environment for rebellion, TEPAV stated: "S [More]