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Can Technology be Developed without Government Assistance? Korean Automobile Case Study Evaluation Note / İrem Kızılca
Haber Resim
10/04/2014 "South Korea is the world’s 5th biggest automobile producer and the 6th biggest exporter. At the beginning of the 1980s, when Korea was 30th largest exporter, Turkey was right behind it, in 31st place. In 30 years, Korea rapidly rose first to 28t [More]
Followers vs. Market-Makers: Where are we Standing at Global Integration? Evaluation Note / İdil Bilgiç Alpaslan & İrem Kızılca
Haber Resim
24/12/2013 "Despite being more expensive, air transportation enables exporting to more distant markets. However, the cost of transporting goods by air is exceptionally high for goods which are cheap and heavy. On the other hand, air freight costs are lower fo [More]
The TEPAV USA Center Celebrates its 1st Anniversary with Pulitzer Winner Tom Friedman American journalist Tom Friedman said that despite the impressive development of Turkey in the recent period, the number of journalist in jail, the self-censorship in the press, and the intimidation of the media are displeasing.
Haber Resim
29/11/2012   ANKARA – The first anniversary of the TEPAV USA Center was celebrated with a meeting that hosted American journalist and winner of three Pulitzer prizes, Tom Friedman. During the meeting, titled “The US and Our Flat World after the Election [More]
What’s New at the New Turkish Commercial Code? (3) By Sarp Kalkan, TEPAV Economic Policy Analyst
Haber Resim
06/07/2012   Compliance cost matters: Recent amendments to the code As our column for the past two days have shown, the new Turkish Commercial Code (TCC) will bring numerous innovations to Turkish business life. Lately these changes have been discussed ext [More]
What’s New at the New Turkish Commercial Code? (2) By Sarp Kalkan, TEPAV Economic Politics Analyst
Haber Resim
05/07/2012 Yesterday we started to explore the new Turkish Commercial Code, (TCC) which aims to improve corporate governance in Turkish companies. We covered the new rules governing the Board of Directors (BoD) as well as shareholder democracy. Let’s contin [More]
Jose Fernandez, the Deputy Secretary of the U.S. Department of State Listened to a Discussion on Entrepreneurship in Turkey Jose Fernandez, the Deputy Secretary of the U.S. Department of State joined together with representatives from institutions working on entrepreneurship in Turkey.
Haber Resim
05/10/2011   ANKARA- A working breakfast coordinated by TEPAV, within the scope of the Global Entrepreneurship Program (GEP-Turkey) between the U.S. State Department and TOBB (the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey), was held on Tuesday, Oc [More]
TEPAV: “Import Substitution Policies Still Viable” Korean government delayed the introduction of the iPad as much as possible on grounds that it will cause disequilibrium in the innovative and export-oriented economic model of the country.
Haber Resim
14/04/2011   ANKARA - TEPAV stated that South Korea, which tried to respond to the changing consumption demand via alternative firms that carry out domestic production for domestic markets instead of settling as a net importer, should be assessed as a separ [More]
TEPAV: "Internet Services Expensive in Turkey" Despite high Internet prices at OECD scale, access to the Internet among households has increased by almost 40% over the last three years.
Haber Resim
04/02/2011 ANKARA - TEPAV states that according to the OECD Broadband Statistics, in the scale where the lowest and highest megabit/second price is $2.39 and $76.11, respectively, Turkey is one of the countries with the highest internet prices. The note with [More]