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US Gold Sanctions on Iran and Its Possible Consequences Evaluation Note / Seda Kırdar
Haber Resim
05/04/2013   "Like 2012, 2013 started as a year in which Iran has been increasing the tension between her and the western world day by day due to its nuclear program.  Reviewing the earlier sanctions on Iran, the US saw that the regulations created a wider [More]
Iraq after the US Withdrawal … Speaking at TEPAV, Joost Hiltermann of the International Crisis Group stated that Exxon contract was a test for Iraq in turbulence after the withdrawal.
Haber Resim
19/12/2011   ANKARA – After last US troops withdrew from Iraq, the current state of affairs in the country was addressed with a meeting held at TEPAV on December 19, 2011, Monday. The roundtable meeting titled “After the US Withdrawal: Turkey, Iraq and [More]