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Highest Employment Growth in Textile, Wearing Apparel and Food Sectors… The sectors employ thirty-nine percent of the total insured workers in manufacturing industry.
Haber Resim
06/01/2013 ANKARA – The number of insured workers in the manufacturing industry reached 3,326,000 in September 2012. Thirty-nine percent of the total employment in manufacturing was in the textiles, wearing apparel and food products sectors. The fourteenth [More]
Commentary/Ussal Şahbaz: "De-industrialization: A dangerous trend in Turkish economy?" TEPAV Advisor Ussal Şahbaz stated that Turkey has to produce things to continue its sustainable growth.
Haber Resim
30/03/2011 The commentary said: "One may argue, if globally connected service sectors such as financial services, high-end retailing or energy are more productive, there is no reason to worry about these sectors replacing manufacturing. I disagree. Turkey is [More]