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Israel-Palestine Conflict on TEPAV’s Agenda In his last report, Geoffrey Aronson of Foundation for Middle East Peace offered solutions for the Obama government that puts emphasis on the “era of transition”
Haber Resim
19/11/2012   ANKARA – The U.S. policy on the Israel-Palestine conflict on top of the world’s foreign policy agenda was discussed with a meeting at TEPAV on Thursday, 19 November 2012. The meeting hosted Dr. Geoffrey Aronson, Director of Research and Pub [More]
TEPAV Analyst Punsmann Assessed the Latest Developments in Palestine TEPAV Senior Foreign Policy Analyst Dr. Burcu Gültekin Punsmann wrote an essay for Hürriyet Daily News about the recent developments in Palestine and comparative advantages of Turkey and Egypt:
Haber Resim
28/06/2011 "Hopes raised by the Egypt-brokered inter-Palestinian reconciliation agreement evaporated with the news that the high profile meeting between the leaders of the rival Fatah and Hamas movements planned for last week, had been called off. Immediat [More]