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TEPAV Director Sak: "The Latest Development Plan Speaks More Korean" A meeting themed “How to Avoid the Middle Income Trap” hosted a debate on the divergence between South Korea and Turkey, which had similar economic structures in the 1970s.
Haber Resim
17/09/2013 ANKARA – TEPAV held a meeting themed “How to Avoid the Middle Income Trap: Policy Lessons from Korea” on Tuesday, 17 September 2013, with the contributions of the Korea Capital Market Institute (KCMI). Delivering the opening remarks, TEPAV Di [More]
The annual cost of keeping women at home is $574 billion Commentary / Esen Çağlar
Haber Resim
02/04/2012   "Those of you who watched TV in the 90s might have come across a show called Sliders. It’s about a group of people who travel across parallel universes, each with its own alternate version of reality. They come across worlds in which the G [More]