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Keywords: Private Sector Development

Workshop on Anti-Corruption Program in Private Sector... Transparency International shared the results of various studies  
Haber Resim
29/02/2016   Ankara-TEPAV, The Workshop on the Anti-Corruption Program in the Private Sector was hosted by TEPAV on February 29 with the collaboration of Transparency International and the Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands. TEPAV Director Güven Sak re [More]
Private Sector Development in Afghanistan and Pakistan Evaluation Note / Ozan Acar
Haber Resim
13/06/2014 "Two major developments will be extremely important for the future of Afghanistan. The first is the 2014 presidential election that took place on April 5 and was an important step toward consolidating a transition to democracy. The second one is th [More]
The Abu Dhabi Process is Completed In the context of the process which TEPAV also supported, consultation meetings were carried out in Istanbul, Islamabad, New Delhi and Berlin.
Haber Resim
11/06/2014 The Abu Dhabi Process coordinated by the Brussels-based EastWest Institute (EWI) with the co-funding of the governments of Abu Dhabi and Germany is completed. In the context of the Abu Dhabi Process, four consultation meetings about the economic fu [More]
TEPAV Shares Turkey’s Experience with the Arab Union Arab League General Secretariat organized a roundtable meeting in Cairo on June 13 to debate the Turkish model.
Haber Resim
16/06/2011 CAIRO - TEPAV Economic Policy Analyst Esen Çağlar briefed the Arab League about Turkey's performance in economic reforms, economic transformation and private sector led growth. Arab League General Secretariat organized a roundtable meeting in Ca [More]
Commentary/Esen Çağlar: On the Spread of Industry and Movie Theatres in Anatolia Commentary by TEPAV Economic Policy Analyst Esen Çağlar 'On the Spread of Industry and Movie Theatres in Anatolia' is published.
Haber Resim
06/12/2010 The commentary assessed: Regions failing to attract qualified brains will face the risk of losing competitiveness. A province can become a center of attraction to the extent that it is livable. Thus, the number of movie theatres in Turkey, which s [More]
TEPAV Director Sak: "With Istanbul Forum We Focused on Small but Important Steps on the Ground" Delivering a speech at the 4th Regional Economic Cooperation Conference on Afghanistan, Sak stated that in Istanbul Forum carried out in cooperation with Afghanistan and Pakistan, Turkey focused on small but important steps on ground.
Haber Resim
03/11/2010 ISTANBUL - TEPAV Director Prof. Dr. Güven Sak stated that in the operations pertaining to the Istanbul Forum, a tripartite dialogue mechanism between Afghanistan, Pakistan and Turkey, they focused on small but important steps on the ground. Sak [More]
TEPAV will be guiding Islamic countries to adapt Turkey's OIZ model Signing a cooperation protocol with Islamic Development Bank, TEPAV will be guiding Islamic countries on private sector development, economic integration issues and especially on Organized Industrial Zones model of Turkey.
Haber Resim
15/10/2010 ANKARA - TEPAV has got ready to guide the adaptation of Turkey's Organized Industrial Zones (OIZ) model to Islamic countries. A tripartite Project will be launched between TEPAV, Corporation for the Development of the Private Sector (ICD), an Isl [More]
TEPAV/Güven Sak: "Public-Private Partnership Model and Private Sector Development are Needed for the Development of Pakistan"
24/08/2009 ANKARA- TEPAV Director Prof. Dr. Guven Sak stated that public-private partnership model and private sector development are needed for the development of Pakistan as well as long-term stability. The Friends of Democratic Pakistan Group formed by 20 c [More]
TEPAV And CSIS Cooperation For Turkish - American Relations
19/01/2009 TEPAV and CSIS cooperate for contributing to the improvement of Turkish-American relations. Within this perspective, both think-tanks are working on parallel reports that were discussed during the meeting held in Ankara on January 14, 2009. As a re [More]