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Evaluation Note / Oya Memişoğlu&Aslı T. Esen: "The Sad Story Of The Failure To Start Economic and Monetary Union Negotiations"
28/06/2007- 1249 "Although the number of negotiation chapters to be opened for Turkey in yesterday's Intergovernmental Conference (IGC) had previously been announced as "two or three", the decision of the Committee of Permanent Representatives (COREPER) to limit the [More]
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Looking Ahead: Prospects and Potentials in the Wider Black Sea
24/06/2007- 964 The Economic Policy Research Foundation of Turkey (TEPAV) and International Black Sea Studieas centre (ICBSS) jointly organized a meeting called "Prospects and Potentials in the Wider Black Sea" at Yıldız Technical University on June 24th, 2007.   [More]
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World Bank Private Sector Working Group Decides To Integrate Itself Into The Ankara Forum
22/06/2007- 1496 Ankara- The Private Sector Working Group (PSWG), gathering Israeli and Palestinian businessmen and initiated in 2005 within the World Bank, has decided to dissolve itself and continue its activities within the Ankara Forum.   In a letter to the mem [More]
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Evaluation Note / Neslihan Kaptanoglu "2008 American Presidential Elections: An Overview"
12/06/2007- 1571 On November 4, 2008, the United States of America will hold its 55th election for President and Vice President. Additionally, all 435 members of the US House of Representatives and one third of the United States Senate will also be up for election. [More]
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TEPAV: "Degradation Trend in Budget Performance"
11/06/2007- 1204 Ankara - Pointing out the degradation in budget performance, TEPAV said "This means that, should the new administration which will be in office after the elections choose the option of continuing the program with the IMF, it is a serious probability [More]
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Memorandum of Understanding Signed Regarding Oxford-Ankara Cooperation
30/05/2007- 1799 A memorandum of understanding envisaging cooperation between the University of Oxford and TOBB ETU, METU, and TEPAV in the fields of academic education and policy research was signed at a ceremony held at the METU Culture and Congress Centre on May 3 [More]
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TEPAV Scrutinizes Local Government Accounts
10/05/2007- 1232 Ankara - TEPAV announced that there is a 42 % difference in expenses and 33,7 % difference in revenues between local government data produced by the Ministry of Finance and State Planning Organization, and asked for clarification in the issue. The Fi [More]
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Policy Note / Asli Toksabay Esen: "Absorption Capacity of the EU and Turkish Accession: Definitions and Comments"
09/05/2007- 1689 This paper aims to analyze the woolly concept of absorption (or integration, after the recent decision of the European Commission to replace the former) capacity with particular reference to the case of Turkey. [More]
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The Technical Workshop on Impact Analysis Project Has Been Performed
07/05/2007- 1461 The Technical Workshop on the "Strengthening the Capacity of Impact Analysis, Awareness Raising, and Implementation on Environment in the EU Accession Process" Project has been realized at TEPAV building over the period, 7-10 May 2007.   The repres [More]
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