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Bio-entrepreneurs will go to San Diego to join BIO 2017 14 successful bio-entrepreneurs made their presentations to the jury at the BIO Startup Program Demo Day, held on May 25th at TEPAV.
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The BIO Startup Accelerator Program, organized by TEPAV and TOBB BIO in Turkey for the first time in 2016 with the support of MSD and seeking to gather biotechnology entrepreneurs and start-ups under one roof.

This year the Program was organized by TEPAV with the contributions of MSD and Viveka, has accepted bio-entrepreneurs’ applications from Middle East and Gulf Countries; namely from Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Jordan, the United Arab Emirates and Turkey.

Within the Program, bio-entrepreneurs have gone through an intensive online training and mentoring program during May 2017. 14 of the bio-entrepreneurs who have successfully completed this phase received further mentoring from leading trainers and industry professionals and were able to participate presentation development workshops on May 23rd-24th at TEPAV.

After the completion of the training program and workshops, 14 bio-entrepreneurs pitched their ideas in front of the jury at Demo Day on May 25th 2017. The Jury consisted of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Dokuz Eylül University Technology Development Zone DEPARK Prof. Dr. Murat Özgeren, MSD Turkish Health Policies and Communication Director Deniz Big Öncel, TEPAV Innovation Studies Program Director Selin Arslanhan Memiş, Sabancı University Patent Attorney Mustafa Çakır and Director of TOBB ETÜ TTO Hakan Kızıltoprak.

As a result of the evaluation carried out by the jury, top three of the 14 bio-entrepreneurs were announced to receive the great opportunity to participate in the San Diego Program from 17th to 22nd of June as Initio, RS Research and Genz Biotechnology.

The selected bio-entrepreneurs are going to participate in BIO 2017. This convention will take place with the participation of approximately 16,000 biotechnology and pharma leaders from 65 countries who will come together to connect and discover new opportunities. The bio-entrepreneurs will also be able to attend to the International Biotechnology Entrepreneurship Boot Camp in San Diego.

In addition, bio-entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to meet with world's leading biotechnology startups at the Startup Stadium, which will take place under BIO 2017 in San Diego. They will further be able to have one-on-one meetings with investors and global companies. This year, similar to last year, bio-entrepreneurs will have a chance to visit bio-incubation centers.

Start-ups and projects ranked in the first three at the BIO Startup Accelerator Program:


Initio develops disposable products and testing services for the pharmaceutical industry. In the face of problems encountered by other manufacturers seeking to achieve high production capacities such as high infrastructure costs, material costs, personnel costs as well as the differences in laboratory and industrial productions techniques, and the need for versatile equipment deficiencies; Initio have developed versatile 3D cell culture laboratories and carried out low-cost production and improved infrastructure, materials and personnel costs. USA patent has been issued.

RS Research

Developed a new nanomedicine platform using polymer technology. The intended use of this innovative drug delivery platform is to treat cancer. This proprietary drug delivery platform consists of adjustable polymer and biodegradable drug binders and it provides a special design by way of its targeting units. Also, through this platform, not just certain cells but all fast-reproducing cells are affected.

GENZ Biotechnology

GENZ produces a genetic test for breast cancer which ensures early diagnosis and allows for patient follow-up. GENZ Cancer genetic screening is a bioinformatic report prepared by taking a saliva sample from which the DNA of the person is obtained and then tested against known mutations. The report prepared is sent to the patient’s personal doctor for clinical use in turn allowing the determination of patient-specific treatment plans. Aside from this test being the first genetic test working with 3rd generation systems in Turkey; GENZ is the manufacturer of the fastest (5 days) and the cheapest (no installation capital required, nor is there any tax deduction from domestic production) test. GENZ is also the first manufacturer to specialize in the genetic pool of Turkey, Middle East and North Africa.

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