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Institutes and Centers

Macroeconomic Studies

This program focuses on the reforms needed to assure the continuing growth of Turkey's economy. It undertakes data-driven policy analysis and produces policy notes on important issues of the day. Additionally, the program co [More]

Innovation Studies Program

This program analyzes the global technological transformation, industrial policy and innovation ecosystem that are rapidly shaping the World economy. In this context, the Innovation Studies Program, taking the transfer and d [More]

The Middle East and Central Asia Studies Institute



Turkey’s substantial economic, political, and cultural relationship with the Middle East and Central Asia regions contin [More]

Center for Studies on Fiscal and Monetary Policy



Economies are facing contractions due to the pandemic which emerged before the effects of the global economic crisis wer [More]

Economic Data Analysis Center



Accurate and timely data is essential for interpreting the economy, setting policy responses and assessing the impacts o [More]

Urban Studies

More than half of the World’s population lives in cities. With regards, cities have been taking on a greater role in global economic competition. This program aims to contribute to the transformation of these hubs into susta [More]

Area Studies

The 20th century has witnessed the accession of East Asia to globalization by undergoing serious infrastructural transformations. The 21st century promises to be an era in which Central Asia, the Middle East and African will [More]

Center for Impact Assessment

The aim of the Center is to provide support for the application of contemporary research methods, especially in studies of policy evaluation and impact assessment. To this end, the Center follows the recent developments in a [More]

Center for Multilateral Trade Studies (MUTS)

MUTS is the first center established in Turkey on multilateral trade issues and has been active since 2012. MUTS mainly focuses on the global developments concerning “rule based trade” with special emphasis on the processes of [More]

Legal Studies Center

Today it is hardly disputed that the route to economic, social and political developments in a given country depend largely on a working and effective legal system. TEPAV Legal Studies Center, under these assumptions, has been [More]

Center for EU Studies

TEPAV, conducting several research and studies pertaining to the EU, has launched Center for European Union Studies that focuses on the EU accession process, contributes to the acceleration of the reforms and negotiation pro [More]

Center for Governance Studies

Since the 1980s, the winds of change are blowing in public administration across the world. This change was triggered by poor economic performance, inefficient public expenditures, sluggish burea [More]

TEPAV G20 Studies Center

TEPAV closely follows the developments pertinent to G20, a prominent forum on international economic cooperation.

TEPAV intensified its studies about G20 especailly following Turkey’s presidency term in 2015. The [More]