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    Pleasing things happen in the Tigris region: Views from Mardin-Şırnak, Episode 1
    Güven Sak, PhD 26 November 2010
    Pleasing things happen in Şırnak. It was quite pleasing to see the EU flag hung on TDA's wall The day before, on November 24, I was in Şırnak. The weather was nice. The Peak of Cudi Mountain was misty as always. Cudi seemed very magnificent. And Şırnak was not at all like what we are used to hear or read. I had a great time in Şırnak on November 24. This time pleasant things are happening in the Tigris region. The first impression I got was a series of pleasant surprises. So, those willing to hear the impression I got in Mardin-Şırnak, please join me down the article. [More]
    Can the crisis in Ireland work for the benefit of Turkey?
    Güven Sak, PhD 23 November 2010
    Ireland's crisis is beneficial for Turkey in the short term; but it only makes things harder for us in the long term. The question asked at the title is the main problem of the blue planet of ours nowadays. This ominous question that comes to mind at any development challenges the operation of G20. The path to solution prolongs since everyone seeks a way to land on their feet. Now let me answer the question first: Ireland's crisis is beneficial for Turkey in the short term; but it only makes things harder for us in the long term. [More]
    What does Russia have that Turkey does not?
    Güven Sak, PhD 20 November 2010
    Turkey cannot become the tenth biggest economy of the world wound dressing measures; structural reforms are needed. Yesterday I addressed the possibility for Turkey to become the tenth biggest economy of the world. And I argued that this cannot be accomplished with empty talks. Today let me continue with this subject and let me explain why empty talk is not enough to accomplish this target. On last Monday, a press meeting on remission of calculated taxes. We are to add a new one to some twenty tax remission regulations. And I am sure this will be adopted, too. Watching the meeting, I noticed no emphasis on an amendment of laws or the restructuring of administration. Let us hope such issue will come to the agenda alongside a new remission regulation proposal. We should expect to witness a n [More]
    This target cannot be accomplished with empty talks
    Güven Sak, PhD 19 November 2010
    Calculations suggest that Turkey can possibly have a bigger economy. Honorable Prime Minister of Turkey Abdullah Gul said in his trip to London "It would not be surprising if we start talking about BRIC plus T."  BRIC is the acronym referring to Brazil, Russia, India and China which rose in the eyes of investors. And in that respect, T stands for Turkey. Newsweek magazine, in the last issue, made a short story on this issue and underlined that President Gul's statement reflected not the existing power of the Turkish economy but the geopolitical ambitions of Turkey. When bringing this argument up, the magazine also talked down on Turkey saying "Turkey's GDP is only half of Russia's; the poorest BRIC nation."  And this reminded me of the 'which size is it' issue I started to talk about the w [More]
    What does Venice without gondolas imply?
    Güven Sak, PhD 16 November 2010
    The New York Times reports that sea level is likely to rise three feet by 2100. I wish you all a happy holiday. Holidays should be days for reflection. Here is a commentary on the state of humanity then:  Have you ever thought what Venice without gondolas could mean? [More]
    US should not perpetuate the Iraq attitude at the G20
    Güven Sak, PhD 13 November 2010
    Fund flows complicate national economic policy targets. The crisis started to turn the suggested measures considered heterodox in the past into a piece of the economic orthodoxy. What used to be extraordinary became normal: "Reining became unable to control the horse." Now is the time to take new measures. For the time being the new normal has been hindering fund inflows towards developing countries like Turkey. And the decision Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (CBRT) took the day before is in harmony with this 'new normal'. The CBRT has taken the right action. So, those following the debates at the G20 summit, please join me down the article. This is how I see the events. [More]
    Which size is it?
    Güven Sak, PhD 12 November 2010
    Here in Turkey, we are obsessed with size. 'Mine beats yours' style has always been popular in this territory. Here in Turkey, we are obsessed with size. 'Mine beats yours' style has always been popular in this territory. And size of Turkey's economy is also a matter for similar debate. According to this, there is a numeral target to make Turkey the tenth biggest economy of the world.  Are you aware of this debate or have you ever assessed its possibility? Do you think Turkey could be the tenth biggest economy of the world? Who are the rivals in this competition? If the target is that assertive, why does the medium term plan not have an enthusing perspective on this matter? Or is it the opposition again that prevents the setting of such perspective? Today let me get the obsession on 'Which [More]
    Entrepreneurship in Turkey must be democratized
    Güven Sak, PhD 09 November 2010
    Common perception here suggests one becomes an entrepreneur only if there is no other option. Global Entrepreneurship Week continues with events held in almost a hundred countries. Number of participants of the events over the last two years is said to be above ten million. This weekend I participated in the meeting held in Ankara at Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey. The slogan of the event was 'awaken the entrepreneur within you'. It is easy to say, of course. Turkey is not yet one of the countries where entrepreneurship is democratized. Though it has to, it is not. [More]
    Until when the Tea Party continues?
    Güven Sak, PhD 06 November 2010
    Tea Party now waits for the transformation of complaint-driven energy to policy recommendations. How shall we assess the Tea Party movement in the US? There are two lessons I have extracted from the midterm elections on November 2nd in the US. First, the economy always plays a crucial role in elections. Second, this time sort of a "Mr. Smith goes to Washington" mood was sensed. Third, Tea Party is a strong voter mobilization mechanism. This time this mechanism worked for Republican's good; but we should not yet be conclusive. So, if you wonder the story, please join me down. [More]
    Why does not the cost of Internet fall?
    Güven Sak, PhD 05 November 2010
    The decision for the practice got lost within the bureaucracy of the Information and Communication Technologies Authority (ICTA) and the Ministry of Finance. Have you ever checked the cost of Internet in Turkey and compared it with that in other countries? Please do so. You will see that cost of Internet in Turkey is higher. In Turkey average cost of internet use per second, is almost ten times of that in Korea. Millions log into Facebook despite this. Why is that? And what is the lesson to be extracted from this story with respect to the privatization of electricity authorities? If you want to know the answer, please join me down. [More]