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    How many people are there in Turkey setting up a business with his army friend?
    Ussal Sahbaz 30 April 2013
    Last year in October, I attended the DLD conference in Israel with the 212 team. DLD (Digital Life Design) is held every year in Munich and Tel Aviv. We missed the one in Munich. But, the DLD in Israel and in Munich are quite different. The one in Israel is very far from the German-style seriousness; panelists wearing shorts, participants which are 'networking' during the meetings are customary parts of the events. [More]
    De-industrialization: A dangerous trend in Turkish economy?
    Ussal Sahbaz 27 July 2011
    Structural change is the major driver of productivity increases in developing economies. If only, it is in the correct direction, says Dani Rodrik in his latest column: In many Asian economies, the movement of workers from agriculture to higher productivity manufacturing and modern services has been the major force that drove overall productivity growth. In Latin America, on the contrast, structural change has been in the wrong direction -- informal service activities of low-productivity gained a large share in expense of manufacturing. [More]