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    Towards the Internet Governance Forum 2014: Turkish Economy’s Networked Readiness
    02 September 2014
    World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Networked Readiness Index 2014 was recently released. Since 2012, this study ranks countries in terms of their ability to use ICT for their economies’ competitiveness and citizens’ wellbeing.  The top places are, as expected, full of Asian Tigers and Nordic economies. Turkey ranks as 51st, moving down from 46th place in 2013. Its rankings in the sub-pillars have mostly remained stable during the past three years, meaning some very problematic areas have not undergone much of an improvement. (Table 1) [More]
    Stuck in Between: Transforming Turkey’s Manufacturing Industry
    06 December 2013
    It is now a truth universally acknowledged that something very exciting -and a bit terrifying- is happening in manufacturing.  After several decades of disregard, the art and science of “making things” seems to be fashionable again. With manufacturing on the rise, it is hardly surprising that industrial policy also is back.  As public opinion is turning in favor of industrial policy, the odds of it being taken more seriously by politicians and policymakers are getting higher as well. This is why it is a good idea to take manufacturing strategy documents more seriously these days. [More]
    Turkey’s Confusion with the Digital World
    30 July 2013
    We live in a world of contradictions.  Each and every country has some of their own, and Turkey is no exception. One of the bizarre dualities it accommodates is about the digital world:  On one hand, Turkey appears to be embracing the blessings of technology at full steam.  As of February 2013, it had the 7th largest Facebook (membership) presence in the world with over 32 million users.  It ranked second only to the US for the largest number of check-in’s in Foursquare.  Its broadband penetration rate is around the OECD average, which, when you consider the fact that Turkey is usually an embarrassing outlier along with Mexico in OECD statistics, is quite impressive.  Yet it looks like Turkey is lagging behind when it comes to adopting some of the more critical assets of the digital revol [More]