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    Answers to Misconceptions - What is Sunnism and what it is not
    Hilmi Demir, PhD. 06 November 2018
    The Sunni tradition represents the mainstream of fourteen centuries of Islamic tradition. As its accepting, inclusive, and tolerant language melts away, the its center is occupied by extreme views that should otherwise remain in the margins of society. The hierarchy of Islamic sciences and education has yielded its place to the ideological and transient manifests of political movement. Discourses that are not profound matters, that are distant to metaphysical tension, that are deprived of knowledge of law, method, aphorism and wisdom are bound to be discarded and left to wither away with the very first lights of the sun. That is what is happening. Instead of the Sunnism that has for centuries been put up status quo, accused by pacifism and castigated by with accusations of sectarianism, we [More]
    Turkey is losing its natural resistance against ISIS
    Hilmi Demir, PhD. 09 May 2016
    ISIS does not have a strong base in Turkey. Claiming the opposite would be an exaggeration and does not reflect reality. Foreign fighter numbers in Syria also prove this. The number of fighters from Turkey who joined the war in Syria is estimated at 2,000-2,500. Moreover, it cannot be said that all of them joined ISIS. [More]