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    The G20 Hamburg Leaders’ Declaration is out: Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) is on the agenda again
    Selin Arslanhan Memiş 11 July 2017
    Following the G20 Leaders’ Summit held on 7-8 July, the G20 Hamburg Leaders' Declaration was announced yesterday. In general, when compared to the exciting declaration announced last year during China’s presidency, it is possible to say that this year's G20 communique is back to its old static self. The Chinese presidency of the G20, in addition to main global affairs agenda being written up year-in-year-out, had given space to new rhetoric and actions showing that it had transformed into a 21st century platform. However, especially regarding its general framework, it is not hard to see that the G20 has gone back to square one.Many issues such as sustainable development, climate change and migration, which gained attention during the 2015 Turkish presidency period and continued in the 2016 [More]
    Turkey is talent-deprived…
    Ozan Acar 09 October 2013
    First a note: “Creativity” is the unearthing valuable ideas, “creative” is an individual who has such ideas, and “creative country” is a country that is conducive to the flourishing of creative people. [More]
    How many people are there in Turkey setting up a business with his army friend?
    Ussal Sahbaz 30 April 2013
    Last year in October, I attended the DLD conference in Israel with the 212 team. DLD (Digital Life Design) is held every year in Munich and Tel Aviv. We missed the one in Munich. But, the DLD in Israel and in Munich are quite different. The one in Israel is very far from the German-style seriousness; panelists wearing shorts, participants which are 'networking' during the meetings are customary parts of the events. [More]