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Fiscal Monitoring


It is commonly agreed that at the heart of the economic problems of Turkey lies the troubles in public financial management. Public authority shall make no compromises from fiscal discipline and act in compliance with the principles of fiscal transparency in order to secure the sustainability of the economic stability and growth performance achieved over the last decade. Given the significance of public budgets for democracies, it is universally acknowledged that budget discipline is too important to be left to the rule of governments.

In developed western countries, non-governmental organizations/independent think-tanks have been monitoring public budgeting process, fiscal legislation, and fiscal transparency on behalf of the public for long.

TEPAV took a crucial step to fulfill this duty and become the 'budget watcher' establishing the Fiscal Monitoring Project. Since June 2005 TEPAV has been monitoring and assessing budget developments and fiscal legislation and communicate the results with the public with Fiscal Monitoring Reports.

Fiscal Monitoring Reports are mostly announced monthly, while bimonthly reports may be announced in cases where the changes in budget items shall be monitored and assessed as a whole.

In addition, Fiscal Monitoring Reports based on the 'Fiscal Transparency Index' developed by TEPAV experts are declared annually.

The reports both try to use a language which is understandable by people who are not experts of the subject and give a set of information and analytical content that will satisfy experts of the subject.

Fiscal Monitoring project that was carried out under the body of EPRI until 2006 is being coordinated by the Stability Institute since that date.

Below, you can access the full-text and summary reports published so far.