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Constitution Studies


As a think-tank, TEPAV holds a vision that presumes a participatory process for the preparation of a new democratic and pluralistic constitution and tries to contribute to the constitution debates in two aspects. First, TEPAV maintains the secretariat of the Constitutional Platform and compiles and documents the opinions of the civil society on the most fundamental text that is supposed to project the societal consensus, namely the constitution, with the aim to design a transparent and participatory constitution making process that goes beyond the experiences so far and seeks to ensure the widest possible participation by the civil society in order to promote democracy, human righats and the rule of law. Second, relying on its role as a think-tank, TEPAV efforts to provide a comprehensive knowledge set, benefiting both from its theoretical knowledge and country examples and thus reinforce the debate platform in order to secure that the constitution making process lies on a solid foundation.

In TEPAV's view, it is the right time for Turkey to make its constitution upon conversation and debate. A realistic and rational debate process backed with knowledge necessitates the compilation and sharing of knowledge on the fundamental elements of constitution. Constitution is not a text supposed to be debated, prepared and decided by experts only. Constitution has to be a text which relies on and reflects the common ground of consensus on coexistence, the description of the society regarding the rules and conditions of coexistence, and its apprehension of a common future. To this end, the fundamentals of the constitution must be nurtured by societal demands to be explored through a participatory process as well as a consultation and negotiation process reinforced and backed by a wide information and knowledge set.