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M. Coşkun Cangöz,PhD
Center Director

Fiscal and Monetary Policy Studies Center

M. Coşkun Cangöz,PhD

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M. Coşkun Cangöz graduated from Ankara University, Faculty of Political Sciences, Department of Public Finance in 1989. He earned MA degree in 1995 in economics at Ankara University with a thesis titled "External Debt Problem in Turkey: Debt Strategy and Debt Management" and an MBA in 1996 at the University of Exeter with a thesis titled "Company Risk Management Under International Uncertainties" and in 2009 completed his PhD in sociology at METU with his thesis titled “Redistribution of Power and Status Through Public Finance: The Case of Turkey 1980-2003”.

He started his career in 1990 as a Financial Analyst at the Turkish Maritime Bank. Between 1991-1994 Dr. Cangöz, as an Assistant Specialist, worked on money-banking and financial markets in the General Directorate of Economic Research at the Undersecretariat of Treasury. He became a Specialist with his thesis on the causality between inflation and money supply. Dr Cangöz then served as the Head of Department between 1998-2002, Deputy General Manager of Public Finance between 2002-2005, Director General for Public Finance between 2005-2012 and Chief Economic Counselor at the London Embassy of the Republic of Turkey between 2012-2015.

Dr Cangöz was in the core team implementing public debt management reform following the 2001 crisis. In 2002, he established the risk management unit under the Undersecretariat of Treasury and created necessary infrastructure. During his time as the Director General for Public Finance, he restructured debt management, modernized cash management, revised the primary dealer system and introduced benchmark borrowing to ensure the development of the government domestic borrowing market. He was a member of the Treasury Debt and Risk Management Committee between 2002-2012, representative of the Treasury at the CBRT's Monetary Policy Committee between 2005-2012, the Ministry of Finance Accounting Standards Board between 2006-2009, the BRSA Financial Sector Commission between 2007-2012, and the BRSA Systemic Risk Management Committee between 2009-2012. Between 2008-2012, he was elected to the steering committee of the OECD Public Debt Management Group with the votes of the member countries. Between 2007 and 2015, he joined technical assistance missions as a consultant for the IMF, World Bank, USAID and Commonwealth Secretariat. Between 2001-2010, he worked as an audit and board member in various public companies. He was also a member of TSKB's Board of Directors between 2010-2012.

Between 2015-2020, Dr Cangöz was the Manager of Public Debt Management Advisory at the World Bank. He coordinated and served as an expert in providing technical assistance to more than thirty countries on an annual basis in debt management, cash management and financial and financial risk management, organized and delivered training and seminars, and served as a member of the World Bank Treasury's Asset Liability Committee. He led the creation of the first technical assistance and training program on Sovereign Asset and Liability Management.

Dr Cangöz has published on public finance and monetary policy, in particular sovereign asset and liability management, public debt and risk management and cash management.

Dr. Cangöz joined TEPAV in October 2020 and works as the Director of the Center for Studies on Fiscal and Monetary Policy.

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