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Egecan Alan Fay
Research & Editorial Associate

Egecan Alan Fay

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Egecan Alan Fay is a Turkish-American researcher. In 2017, he graduated with a degree in Middle Eastern Studies (major) and Iberian Studies (minor) from Florida State University with honors while taking graduate-level coursework. Egecan was formerly a researcher at the Turkish Research Program (TRP) at The Washington Institute for Near East Policy (TWI) - the oldest Turkey-focused think tank program in DC. At TWI, he served as the main researcher and copy-editor for TRP Director and Senior Policy Analyst Dr. Soner Cagaptay’s New York Times bestselling book, “Erdogan’s Empire, Turkey and the Politics of the Middle East.”

As an active member of the Turkish American community, he was selected as a delegate to the Turkish Coalition of America’s 5th Annual Youth Congress in 2018, where he expressed concerns to U.S. policy makers and diplomats about Turkey-US relations. Egecan has lived in Turkey, United States, Uzbekistan, Russia, Peru, and Spain, and speaks English, Turkish, and Spanish. His areas of interest include Turkish foreign relations, Ottoman history, Turkish-American relations, geopolitical power dynamics, and international trade.

Egecan Alan Fay,  joined TEPAV in March 2020 as a Research & Editorial Associate.

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