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TEPAV: “Underemployment Also on the Rise” Seasonally adjusted underemployment index value increased by 5.8 points to 88.7
Haber Resim
13/10/2013 ANKARA – TEPAV identifies that underemployment increases alongside unemployment in Turkey. The TEPAV Employment Monitoring Bulletin reports that the rapid upwards trend observed in the seasonally adjusted underemployment index value ongoing sinc [More]
Thirty Percent of Unemployment Insurance Beneficiaries Live in Istanbul The number of unemployment insurance recipients reached 28,000 by June 2012.
Haber Resim
10/11/2012   ANKARA – The number of people eligible receiving unemployment insurance from İŞKUR increased to 28,000 as of June 2012. Thirty percent of eligible beneficiaries live in Istanbul. The eleventh issue of the TEPAV Employment Monitoring Bullet [More]
23,359 People Benefit from Unemployment Insurance Only one out of 100 unemployed receives benefits.
Haber Resim
01/02/2012   ANKARA- In October 2011, the number of unemployed people who received unemployment insurance benefits from the Turkish Employment Agency (İŞKUR) was 23,359, whereas the total number of unemployed was 2,454,000. Therefore, only one percent of [More]
TEPAV Will Monitor Employment The first issue of the TEPAV Employment Monitoring Bulletin was published. The total number of insured workers increased by 9.5 percent to 950,000 between August 2010 and 2011.
Haber Resim
01/12/2011   ANKARA – Istanbul took the largest share in the employment gain. Between August 2010 and August 2011, the total number of insured paid workers increased by 9.5 percent to 950,000. The share of Istanbul in this increase was 30 percent. Izmir [More]
US in the Election Mood; Developments Discussed at TEPAV During a meeting that hosted Dr. Bülent Alirıza, of US based think-tank CSIS, how domestic politics in the US are being dominated by the November 2012 elections was addressed.
Haber Resim
22/11/2011   ANKARA – Developments in the US one year before the elections were addressed during a meeting held at TEPAV on November 22, 2011. The meeting, which hosted Dr. Bülent Alirıza, Turkey Project Director at the Washington-based Center for Stra [More]
TEPAV: "Social Globalization Triggered the Rebellions in Egypt and Tunisia" TEPAV stated that social globalization triggered the rebellion wave in Maghreb and Egypt by raising awareness about the relative deprivation while the high rate of youth unemployment and hikes in food prices also have created a suitable environment for rebellion.
Haber Resim
09/02/2011 ANKARA- TEPAV says the rebellions in Tunisia and Egypt are related to the "unhappiness of the Arab streets".  Stating that the high rate of unemployment and the hikes in food prices created a suitable environment for rebellion, TEPAV stated: "S [More]
World Bank’s Global Economic Prospects Report Discussed at TEPAV The Global Economic Prospects 2011 report by the World Bank was discussed at TEPAV by World Bank officials and economists with a special focus on the prospects for Turkey.
Haber Resim
21/01/2011 ANKARA - The Global Economic Prospects 2011: Navigating Strong Currents report recently published by the World Bank was discussed at a meeting held at TEPAV on Friday, January 21, 2011. Speaking at the opening of the meeting, TEPAV Economic Stud [More]
TEPAV: "One Third of the Economic Recovery Completed…" TEPAV stated that Turkey achieved an impressive growth performance whereas the recovery process in unemployment and exports could not be completed yet.
Haber Resim
04/01/2011 ANKARA- TEPAV examined the performance of Turkey's economy in 2010 relying on the key macroeconomic indicators. Production and consumption indicators for 2010 indicated that the economy has regained the pace before the crisis whereas unemployment [More]
TEPAV Director Sak: "Let’s Enrich the Turkish-American Model Partnership with Innovation" Sak delivered a speech at the '26th Transatlantic Conference' organized by US based think-tank the Franklin Center and TOBB and asked for the enriching of the Turkish-American model partnership with projects that will advance innovations in Turkey.
Haber Resim
08/11/2010 ANKARA - TEPAV Director Prof. Dr. Güven Sak said that Turkey, which is currently a medium-technology industrial country, now targets to become an innovation-driven rich country and thus projects to this end should be developed in the context of [More]
Policy Note / Esen Caglar, Ozan Acar, Haki Pamuk "Turkish Unemployed People Are Older Than Ever"
30/03/2007 Turkish economy has experienced two important structural changes since the 2001 crisis. The macroeconomic climate has become relatively more stable on the one hand, and significant changes have occurred in the production pattern of our economy, paral [More]