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Stability Institute Director Serdengeçti: “Turkey Compromises Price Stability for Financial Stability.” During the launch meeting of the latest World Bank report, the rise in inflation in Turkey was underscored.
Haber Resim
26/06/2012 ANKARA – TEPAV and the World Bank carried out a meeting on Tuesday 26 June 2012 to discuss the World Bank report titled “Global Economic Prospects 2012: Managing Growth in a Volatile World.” Delivering an opening speech, TEPAV Stability Inst [More]
TEPAV: "Turkey’s Sovereign Rating Cannot be Upgraded Easily " TEPAV stated that Turkey strongly needs a new economic program to enjoy an improvement in sovereign rating beyond the level enabled by the success following the 2001 crisis.
Haber Resim
09/01/2011 ANKARA- TEPAV answered the long-debated question why Turkey's sovereign rating is not upgraded and emphasized that the problem stems from a number of factors including current account deficit, and volatility of growth and of exchange rate. Stressin [More]
TEPAV: “Method Of Liquidation Of The Obligations Of Public Institutions Is Not Compatible With Fiscal Transparency” TEPAV criticizes that the bill of law negotiated by the TGNA allows the institutions the obligations of which are liquidated to account the fiscal transactions in form of transfers out of the budget.
13/07/2010 ANKARA - TEPAV criticized the "Bill of Law on the Regulation of Certain Obligations and Receivables of Some Public Institutions and Agencies" which is currently discussed at the Grand National Assembly of Turkey (TGNA) and said: "The bill of law al [More]