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A Peaceful Transition of Power & Public’s Expectations in Armenia Evaluation Note / Diana Yayloyan
Haber Resim
20/02/2019     Looking back at 2018, a wave of powerful political developments opened a new page in Armenia’s civil rights movement. Eventually culminating in a change of government, this transition of power in Armenia became known as the “Velvet Revo [More]
The First Armenian-Turkish Social Entrepreneurship Exchange Project Has Been Completed with Success  
Haber Resim
14/12/2017   Within the framework of “Democracy Commission Small Grants Program” of the United States Embassy in Yerevan, Armenia-based Public Journalism Club (PJC) with its partner in Turkey the Economic Policy Research Foundation of Turkey (TEPAV), a [More]
Armenia -Turkey Investors Meetup  
Haber Resim
12/07/2017   As a follow-up activity to the Armenia-Turkey Investor Day held in Yerevan in May 2017, TEPAV and PJC (Public Journalism Club) will organize a series of networking meetings between a group of venture capitals, startup incubator representatives, [More]
Turkey-Armenia Entrepreneurship Program Gets the Spotlight at TOBB Startup Istanbul Ten successful startups from Armenia traveled to TOBB Startup Istanbul, which took place between October 6-10.
Haber Resim
11/10/2016 Within the scope of Turkey-Armenia Entrepreneurship Program which was started in 2014 by TEPAV and Public Journalism Club (PJC), representatives of ten successful Armenian startups had the opportunity to participate in Startup Istanbul. The event [More]
10 Successful Armenian Startups Are Coming to Istanbul to Meet with Investors Turkey - Armenia Entrepreneurship Program
Haber Resim
28/09/2016 Turkey- Armenia Entrepreneurship Program has started in 2014 by TEPAV and Public Journalism Club (PJC) within the scope of Turkey Armenia Normalization Process funded by EU. On October 6th, fifth stage of the entrepreneurship program will take plac [More]