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The G20 Forum as an Opportunity to Improve Cooperation between Emerging and Advanced Economies Report / Feride İnan & Güneş Aşık
Haber Resim
30/12/2014 "The past few decades have been marked by the increasing integration and interconnectedness of the global economy, driven by trade-liberalizing policies, the removal of controls previously imposed on capital, and technological progress. The new glo [More]
Strengthening Connections and Business Synergies Between Turkey and Armenia Report
Haber Resim
10/11/2014 In the past two decades, relations between Armenia and Turkey have been left in diplomatic limbo. The Armenian-Turkish border has been closed since 1993, which has been a major blow to the economic prospects of the region, among other things. Armen [More]
TEPAV/SAK: "There is a Linkage Between Cross-Border Economic Relations and Regional Development"
15/02/2010 Erivan- TEPAV Director Prof. Dr. Güven Sak underlined that there is a linkage between cross-border economic relations and regional development and said "Cross-border economic relations regional disparities among clusters can be tackled, which will b [More]
"Abkhazia for the Integration of the Black Sea" a publication by TEPAV
17/12/2009 ANKARA- TEPAV launched on 16 December the first issue of its background paper collection titled ‘Abkhazia for the Integration of the Black Sea’ co-published with ORSAM and drafted by Dr Burcu Gültekin Punsmann, Foreign Policy Analyst at TEPAV. [More]
Bulgarian Delegation Visited TEPAV with the Minister
15/11/2007 The Economic Policy Research Foundation of Turkey (TEPAV) and the Embassy of Republic of Bulgaria in Turkey created a platform to observe the Bulgarian experience during the EU accession process by inviting the masterminds of the process from Bulgari [More]