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COVID-19 and Turkey: How to Assess the Impact with Prof. Güven Sak YASED United Event on April 3rd 2020
Haber Resim
11/07/2020     VIDEO CALL/ANKARA- On April 3rd, 2020, a video conference was held by the International Investors Association (YASED) located in Turkey, moderated by YASED’s Secretary General Serkan Valandova, with guest speaker Professor Guven Sak, t [More]
Launch Event of Transatlantic Trends 2013 Report at TEPAV The meeting held to present the results of the survey that measures public opinion in the US, Europe and Turkey was attended by the US and EU Ambassadors.
Haber Resim
18/09/2013 ANKARA – The 2013 results of the annual Transatlantic Trends Survey carried out by the German Marshall Fund of United States (GMF) were released with a meeting at TEPAV on Wednesday, 18 September. Following the opening addresses by H.E. Ambassad [More]
Domestic Violence: An Issue for International or Domestic Legislation Report / Feride İnan
Haber Resim
01/08/2013 "The gang-rape of the 23-year-old physiotherapy student in a Delhi bus last December, who died from severe injuries as a result, received global media attention. In India the incident unleashed heated debates over national rape laws as well as thei [More]