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“Cyprus Problem”: Where there is a will, there is a way
The Example of European Coal and Steel Community Is There
Policy Note / Nilgün Arısan Eralp  
Haber Resim
09/12/2019- 147       The Cyprus problem or non-resolution of it that has been haunting the Turkey-European Union (EU) relations for so long.  Apart from being the Democles’ sword in the aforementioned relations, the problem continues and even evolves to an esc [More]
Cyprus, European Union,
Turkey’s Middle Corridor and Belt and Road Initiative: Coherent or Conflicting? Evaluation Note/ Dr. M. Sait Akman
Haber Resim
03/12/2019- 387   Following President Xi’s visits to Kazakhstan and to South East Asia in 2013, China unveiled its grand Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), with two main components, namely the “Silk Road Economic Belt” (SREB), a network of transportation starting [More]
NATO and Turkey: Actions Should Speak Louder Than Words Evaluation Note/ Haldun Yalçınkaya
Haber Resim
19/11/2019- 456     Turkey’s NATO membership has been questioned in the international media, as well as a vast array of social media accounts. If one were to go by these comments alone, it would appear as though Turkey’s exit from NATO was imminent. Moreover, th [More]
The Parlous State Of Turkey-EU Relations:Searching for a Bridge over Troubled Waters Evaluation Note/ Nilgün Arısan Eralp
Haber Resim
18/11/2019- 781     Turkey and the European Union (EU) have always been mutually dependent via several economic, political, diplomatic and cultural links.  Hence, in principle, they should count on each other to formulate and implement solutions for key challeng [More]
EU - Turkey Relations,
Two Astonishing Aspects of The New European Commission Evaluation Note/ Nilgün Arısan Eralp
Haber Resim
12/09/2019- 653   On 10th of September, the new European Commission President Ursula Von der Leyen has presented the commissioner designates put forward by the member states. They will go through the scrutiny of the European Parliament through the hearings to s [More]
European Commission,
Logbook of The Turkish Economy| Fifth Log Turkish TARP: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions | Burak Dalgın, Güven Sak
Haber Resim
11/09/2019- 1417   We published two papers in April and May 2019 to make the case for a Turkish Troubled Assets Restructuring Program (“TARP”). Our main argument was that a public private partnership was needed to carve out toxic assets (non-performing and watc [More]
Syrian Entrepreneurship and Refugee Start-ups in Turkey: Leveraging the Turkish Experience  
Haber Resim
26/08/2019- 4596   A recent study of the Economic Policy Research Foundation of Turkey shows that Syrian entrepreneurs provide a living for 7 percent of the 3.5 million Syrians in Turkey. Over the course of eight years, Syrians in Turkey established more than 10,0 [More]
TEPAV Bulletin of Companies with Syrian Capital April 2019
Haber Resim
12/06/2019- 462     In April 2019, the number of companies established with Syrian partner(s) decreased by 45 percent and the capital invested by the Syrian partner(s) decreased by 35 percent compared to the same period of the previous year In April 2019, 72 [More]
Logbook of The Turkish Economy: Fourth Log | Turkish TARP, But How? Burak DALGIN, Güven SAK  
Haber Resim
23/05/2019- 1504   In our previous note, we made the case for a Turkish Troubled Assets Restructuring Program (TARP) to restore flow of credit (and hence g [More]
Time to Enhance The Customs Union Evaluation Note/ N. Murat Ersavcı
Haber Resim
12/05/2019- 794     Everyone seems to agree that the time has come to expand the Customs Union between Turkey and the European Union. A quarter of a century has gone by since it was launched at the start of 1996. At the time it was considered a step towards the [More]