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Tepav | Epri and ERF Launched the Country Profile for Turkey
13/08/2005- 1301 Tepav | Epri has supported the launching of the Turkey Country Profile on 13 August 2005. The Turkey Country Profile is a part of a series of 13 Profiles published by the Economic Research Forum (ERF) and the Institut de La Mediterrannee (IM), within [More]
Possible Future Cooperation Opportunities between the Truman Institute and the Economic Policy Research Institute
11/08/2005- 1580 The Director of the Harry S. Truman Research Institute for the Advancement of Peace, Prof. Eyal Ben-Ari and a research fellow from the same institution Dr. Anat Lapidot Firilla visited the Economic Policy Research Institute (TEPAV|EPRI) at an event j [More]
Fiscal Monitoring Report Launched
14/07/2005- 1604 TEPAV|EPRI has launched a Fiscal Monitoring Report evaluating the budget process and  developments in the area of public finance. The report is geared towards enabling public control on governmental policies and providing input to policy choices. The [More]
Anti-Corruption Conference
07/07/2005- 1639 Corruption is the single most detrimental scourge to economic activity, distribution of wealth and cause of poverty.Corruption is one of the main problems that Turkey must resolve, particularly on its path to EU membership. In policies combating corr [More]
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Turkey's EU Accession - Threat or Opportunity for Europe?
04/07/2005- 1843 Turkey's EU accession hangs in the balance, following the French and Dutch ‘no' to the EU constitutional treaty. Although the referenda were not about EU enlargement, opposition to Turkish membership played a role in the no-campaigns of both countrie [More]
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Ankara Forum 2 for Economic Cooperation Between Palestine, Turkey and Israel
08/06/2005- 2380 Ankara Forum for Economic Cooperation between Palestine, Israel and Turkey held its second meeting in East Jerusalem on June 8, 2005. The meeting took place in Notre Dame Hotel with the participation of Palestinian, Israeli and Turkish delegations. [More]
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Members Of U.S. Congress Enter at Ercan Airport Northern Cyprus
30/05/2005- 1934 Three members of the US Congress have visited the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus on May 30, 2005, landing at Ercan Airport on board a KTHY flight. This marked the first time in which elected US representatives have met with Turkish elected repre [More]
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EU Regional Policies and Development Agencies Round Table Meeting
23/05/2005- 2486 1. In Turkey, the need to establish the Regional Development Agencies (RDA's) that are equipped with public resources and powers, has arisen during the process of implementing the EU supported regional development programs by the State Planning Organ [More]
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"Strengthening Civil Society Dialogue with Europe"
17/05/2005- 1846 TEPAV|EPRI, in cooperation with TOBB, designed a round-table meeting called "Strengthening Civil Society Dialogue with Europe" on May 17, 2005 that brought together representatives from non-governmental public and private institutions.The decision of [More]
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Ankara Forum for Economic Cooperation between Palestine, Israel and Turkey Meeting Held   'Ankara Forum', a-tripartite dialogue mechanism established to communicate Palestinian, Turkish and Israeli business world.
27/04/2005- 3454 ANKARA - "Ankara Forum for Economic Cooperation between Palestine, Israel and Turkey" was established to serve as a permanent tri-partite dialogue mechanism between business people from   Turkey, Palestine and Israel. The Forum hosted representat [More]
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