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"Strengthening Civil Society Dialogue with Europe"
17/05/2005- 1799 TEPAV|EPRI, in cooperation with TOBB, designed a round-table meeting called "Strengthening Civil Society Dialogue with Europe" on May 17, 2005 that brought together representatives from non-governmental public and private institutions.The decision of [More]
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Ankara Forum for Economic Cooperation between Palestine, Israel and Turkey Meeting Held   'Ankara Forum', a-tripartite dialogue mechanism established to communicate Palestinian, Turkish and Israeli business world.
27/04/2005- 3330 ANKARA - "Ankara Forum for Economic Cooperation between Palestine, Israel and Turkey" was established to serve as a permanent tri-partite dialogue mechanism between business people from   Turkey, Palestine and Israel. The Forum hosted representat [More]
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EU Accession and Negotiation Techniques
24/04/2005- 2016 In view of the impending opening of accession negotiations with Turkey on 3 October 2005 it is important for the Turkish business sector to understand the way negotiations for accession to the European Union are conducted and what these negotiations [More]
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Competitiveness Assessment and Investment Climate Assessment
03/04/2005- 1342 The preliminary report of the Competitiveness Assessment Project are presented at the "Conference on the Role of Competition Policy and Turkey's Investment Environment" on March 4th, 2005. The Competitiveness Assessment Project was implemented in col [More]
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Constitutional Process After the Iraqi Elections
24/03/2005- 1217 - How sustainable is the "positive" process that started in Iraq with the elections? What are the dynamics that make this process sustainable?- Can this process be the beginning of a new, stable Iraq? If we look at the developments regarding the cons [More]
Why Membership Negotiations Are Important In Terms of Turkish Economy?
01/03/2005- 1564 Becoming a member of the European Union (EU) is not an ultimate goal for Turkey. It is an essential stage on the way to building a better society and nation. These goals may be defined as a social system providing a high living standards with a democ [More]
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The Role of the Private Sector in the EU Accession Process: The Experience of the Brussels Representation of Austrian Chamber of Commerce (WKÖ)
23/02/2005- 1488 Tepav | EPRI hosted Dr. Stefan Pistauer, who is  the Head of Austrian Federal Chamber for the Economy in Brussels, on the occasion of "Role of Private Sector at the EU Accession Process" meeting. [More]
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Near Future of Turkey-EU-US Relations?
14/02/2005- 1787 ModeratorProf. Dr. Güven Sak, DirectorOpening Speech Eric EDELMAN (American Ambassador to Turkey) Rifat HİSARCIKLIOĞLU(Chair [More]
Communication with European Project - Journalist Training Programme
23/12/2004- 1407 It has a significant importance to generate communication channels among EU institutions, European public opinion and Turkish public opinion. There are two dimensions of the communication route for Turkey. First, media holds a key role to have a cont [More]