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“Russia’s War Against Ukraine – The Ukrainian Perspective” TEPAV welcomed the Ambassador of Ukraine to Ankara, Mr. Vasyl Bodnar.
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ANKARA - TEPAV hosted the Ambassador of Ukraine to Ankara, Mr. Vasyl Bodnar for a discussion on “Russia’s War against Ukraine – The Ukrainian Perspective” on Thursday, On April 7th, 2022. On this occasion the Ambassador presented his views regarding the current situation about the Russian attack on Ukraine. Opening remarks, the introduction of the speaker and moderation of the discussion was made by Ambassador (retd) Murat Ersavcı, TEPAV Center Director for Economic and Political Policies. The meeting was attended by a large number of academics, NGOs, and members of some think tanks, as well as representatives of the foreign missions located in Ankara.

Ambassador Bodnar pointed out since the very start of the Russian invasion, the Ukrainian military bravely defended their country against the invaders. He further stated that under the leadership of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the course of the successful war against Russian invaders, provided an influence on the diplomatic front. This also impacted the World public opinion positively

Furthermore, Mr. Bodnar drew attention to the fact that unlike the beleif of the general public opinion, the majority Russians are supporting the actions of President Putin who is not taking any responsibility, despite the recent images of massacres from Bucha.

Ambassador mentioned that thanks to Ukrainian military resistance on the field now it was possible for negotiations to commence.  Mr. Bodnar reported that Ukraine was provided with security guarantees as early as 1994, but this did not prevent the Russian invasion. Based on this, he remarked that the only way to stop the Russian aggression against other countries in Europe would be to create a collective security mechanism. He asserted that Russian leader, perhaps in a decade, might also try to attack other countries in Russia’s periphery. Ambassador Bodnar specifically mentioned that Ukraine would like to have Turkey among the possible guaranteeing powers for their security and praised the Turkish efforts to facilitate peace.

He said that at this time, due to Bucha massacres, he does not think it will be possible to have a meeting between President Zelenskyy and President Putin.

Mr. Bodnar concluded his remarks by restating that Ukraine is grateful for Turkey’s humanitarian assistance, as well as its contribution in other areas.

The session was followed by a lively Q&A period.


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