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"Russia's Attack on Ukraine and the Crimean Question" TEPAV welcomed the national leader of the Crimean Tatar Turks and the member of the Ukrainian Parliament Mustafa Abdülcemil Kırımoğlu
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TEPAV - Tuesday, July 5, 2022: The national leader of the Crimean Tatar Turks and the member of the Ukrainian Parliament Mustafa Abdülcemil Kırımoğlu expressed his views on "Russia's Attack on Ukraine and the Crimean Question". The moderator of the meeting was Center Director for Economic and Political Policy, Ambassador (Ret.) N. Murat Ersavci. The representatives of foreign missions, academicians and members of the Turkish Crimean Tatar diaspora widely participated in the meeting.

Following a brief background information on how the Crimean Tatars suffered under the Russian occupation and atrocities throughout history, Kırımoğlu shared his involvement with regard to the establishment of the National Assembly of the Crimean Tatars.  He also underlined the importance of the peaceful nature of their struggle against Russia’s criminal conduct. It was important to adhere to peaceful methods in order to prevent the bloodshed of women and children. Kırımoğlu also reminded that the  United Nations had praised this approach  with the following statement: “There are too many national movements in the world facing challenges. However, the Crimean Tatar national movement has never used weapons to solve its problem but always considered democratic means as a solution. This approach should be an example for the whole world.”

With regard to the Russian attack against Ukraine, he reminded that the Russian President Putin had sent 130 thousand soldiers to areas around Ukrainian border four months before the invasion. Kırımoğlu explained that Putin’s aim was to create a puppet government  within three days following the occupation. However, even the major Western powers did not expect Ukrainian citizens to resist this illegal and inhuman occupation so bravely and for so long. While stating that Russia’s demands were unacceptable at the ceasefire negotiations, Kırımoğlu said that they are facing an enemy which targets civilians and destroys the cities. As an example he said that the whole world has witnessed the war crimes and atrocities committed in the town of Mariupol and continues in the occupied areas.

Kırımoğlu also noted that in future the Russo-Ukrainian war might spill over to other neighbouring borders, especially if the Western states do not take a firmer stand against Russia.

The meeting concluded following a question and answer session.


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