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Energy transition journey to 2050 and hydrogen energy Evaluation Note / Arda Yakıcı
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27/07/2023 - Viewed 603 times



In this article, we will provide a high level assessment of the Energy Transition towards 2050 in the context of the primary energy sources, and Green Hydrogen as an alternative form of clean energy.


The increasing global demand for energy and the uneven distribution of natural resources, especially oil, natural gas, and coal, pose a significant threat to energy security for many countries and poses risks in terms of climate change and environmental and energy sustainability. When combined with unfavorable geopolitical developments, declining or limited access to energy resources, along with rising energy prices, can create pressures on societies in terms of reliable and affordable access to sufficient energy. This situation drives countries and global communities to search for clean, sustainable, and accessible energy alternatives to meet their energy needs.

The initiatives of international organizations such as the United Nations and global gatherings like the 2015 Paris Conference have raised awareness about environmental and climate change issues, emphasizing the necessity of increasing the share of renewable energy sources.


You may read evaluation note from here.


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