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New Policy Brief Series by TEPAV and IPLI - First Edition Authored by Günter Verheugen The new monthly publication titled “Turkey Policy Brief Series”, launched by TEPAV and IPLI, will cover policy notes and briefs by highly recognized Turkish and international policy experts, analysts and practitioners.
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ANKARA/PARIS - TEPAV and International Policy and Leadership Institute (IPLI) have launched “Turkey Policy Brief Series” that will offer analytical coverage of Turkey’s domestic and international affairs. The Turkey Policy Brief Series, edited by Şaban Kardaş from TOBB University of Economics and Technology, provides an insightful stream of analysis focused on the study and debate of Turkey's current and evolving geopolitical context. The series will include submissions from highly recognized Turkish and international policy experts, analysts and practitioners.

The inaugural January 2012 edition is authored by Günter Verheugen, who served as European Commissioner for Enlargement (1999 - 2004) and as European Commissioner for Enterprise and Industry (2004 - 2010). In his brief titled “Meeting the Geopolitical Challenges of the Arab Spring: A Call for a joint EU-Turkish Agenda”, Mr. Verheugen discusses the potential for cooperation between Turkey and the EU in the countries that are going through political transformation in the Middle East and North Africa.

About IPLI

IPLI is a policy institute dedicated to promoting good governance in the Euro-Mediterranean region by uniting the policy makers of today and tomorrow. IPLI believes that the emerging discipline of Human Security serves as an effective tool to analyze and shape progressive public policies in the Euro-Mediterranean Region. IPLI headquarters are located in Paris (France). The institute associates with Sciences Po and multiple other prestigious international academic institutions with established programs in public affairs/public policy and international relations. Website: www.policyleadershipinstitute.org

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