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EU-Turkey Dialogue for Energy in Black Sea Region

This Programme is co-funded by the European Union and Republic of Turkey


EU-Turkey Dialogue for Energy in Black Sea Region

15 February 2016 – 14 May 2017

The objective of the project is to strengthen the dialogue between Turkish and EU CSOs in the area of energy security and good governance by creating a framework for policy discussion and transfer of knowledge and experience from the EU. The planned workshops and study visits will raise the capacity of Turkish CSOs to monitor, analyze, advocate and raise awareness on good governance issues in the energy sector in attempt to drive liberalization reform, improve corporate governance of energy SOEs and enhance the multilateral approach to energy policy and infrastructure investment in the region. The project will simultaneously enhance CSO dialogue, knowledge and understanding beyond regional and national level of the EU’s Third Liberalization Package and Energy Union initiative.

The energy domain is particularly suitable for building cooperation between the EU and Turkey as it is central for the competitiveness of the whole remaining economy through energy efficiency and security. It brings together the issues of: environmental protection and security (with the notion of energy security and energy dependence on external factors); education (awareness of citizens to basic energy factors influencing their everyday decisions and budgets); and social policy (by introduction of the notion of energy poverty among vulnerable groups). Similarly, the project will foster a more structured debate between CSOs and public institutions in Turkey and the EU, in which CSOs can become more active in policy-making initiatives on both sides. At the same time, by offering capacity building programs to public institutions in the energy sector, the project will improve their preparedness to implement improved governance measures contained in the EU energy policy initiatives, as well as the transposition of the energy acquis.


Contracting Authority: Central Finance and Contracts Unit

Civil Society Dialogue between EU and Turkey - IV

Energy Grant Scheme (CSD - IV/ENE)

Budget line: 22.02.01

Reference: CFCU/TR2011/0135.15-02