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Post-election Turkey returns to economic orthodoxy

Evaluation Note / Güven Sak 19/02/2024 -     President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is eyeing economic revival by turning the country back toward conventional policies and partnership with the West. In a nutshell Reelected President Erdogan seeks to lower inflation, restore investor trust He will likely realign closer to the West in both economic and foreign policies It is unclear what he hopes to achieve with a new Turkish constitution Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, reelected in May 2023 to a third five-year term, has decided to adopt more conventional economic policies to reduce inflation and right the suffering economy in the Middle Eastern nation of 85 million people. He has the political capital to sustain the shakeup. Not only did Mr. Erdogan win with 52 percen [More]

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Understanding the ISIS Attack on Türkiye

Evaluation Note / Hilmi Demir 06/02/2024 -     On January 28, 2024, masked attackers killed one person at the Santa Maria Church in Sarıyer, Istanbul. The masked assailants claimed responsibility for the attack on behalf of ISIS through the Amaq News Agency, the official propaganda outlet of the group. According to Amaq, ISIS has now launched its first strike on Turkish territory since 2017. Below is my translation of the Türkiye Wilaya statement: "In Istanbul, Türkiye, the Khalifa soldiers carried out an attack on a church, resulting in the killing of a Christian and the injury of another. Wilaya of Türkiye, Sunday, 16 Rajab 445 AH. By the grace of Almighty Allah, a covert detachment of the Caliphate soldiers was present in the city of Istanbul. They launched an armed att [More]

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As we leave behind the first year of the earthquake...

Evaluation Note / Burcu Aydın Özüdoğru 06/02/2024 -   Today is February 6, 2024. One year ago, two earthquakes of Mw 7.7 and 7.6 occurred in Pazarcık and Elbistan districts of Kahramanmaraş, caused great loss of life and destruction in 11 provinces. Weeks of search and rescue efforts were mobilized all over Turkey. But the magnitude of loss of life was devastating. According to official statements, 53,537 citizens died, and 107,213 citizens were injured.  Because of the losses, the earthquake went down in history as the disaster of the century. So, what has happened in the earthquake zone in the one-year period since the earthquake? What has been the impact on the Turkish economy? First, let us remember the devastation caused by the earthquake and its cost. In March 2023, I prepa [More]

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TEPAV: Macroeconomic stabilization should consider social welfare

In the second edition of the Turkish Economic Outlook prepared by TEPAV, it is stated that the cost of the disinflation process will be on social welfare should it not be accompanied by any policy measures. 26/01/2024 -     TEPAV released its second series on the Turkish Economic Outlook, based on the policies recently implemented or announced by the Turkish authorities, and global developments and expectations. The Outlook is prepared by Dr. Burcu Aydın Özüdoğru, Director of TEPAV's Center for Economic and Structural Policies. It covers global prospects, domestic policies, and the outlook on economic growth, labor market, inflation, public finance and external sector, and risks to the outlook. The highlights of the report are as follows... Economic growth will be around 4.2 percent in 2023 TEPAV revised its 2023 growth forecast from 3.7 percent to 4.2 percent given the robust growth of domestic demand. Turkish economy will slow down in 2024 T [More]

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Pluralism Confronts Radicalization in Türkiye: TEPAV Surveys on Religion and Radical Attitudes in a Muslim Majority Country

The project report from the Economic Policy Research Foundation of Türkiye (TEPAV), titled "Pluralism Confronts Radicalization in Türkiye: TEPAV Surveys on Religion and Radical Attitudes in a Muslim Majority Country" was published in January 2024. 17/01/2024 -       The report focuses on two large-scale surveys conducted in 2016 and 2020, with representative samples of 6,989 and 7,280 individuals, respectively. These surveys included qualitative questions designed to comprehend religious identity and attitudes toward religion in Turkish society, examining the extent of religiosity and the degree to which differences in beliefs and ethnic/religious backgrounds are tolerated. Qualitative here refers to, and is in contrast with, quantitative questions such as whether survey participants fast all through Ramadan, pray five times a day, etc. A secondary objective of the study was to identify groups within Turkish society exhibiting radical tendencies, i.e., individuals personally intervening, par [More]

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What is happening in prince Mohammed bin Salman’s Saudi Arabia? Evaluation Note / Hilmi Demir
haber resmi 11/01/2024

    What does the last-minute cancellation of the Fenerbahçe-Galatasaray Super Cup Final scheduled to be played in Riyadh mean for Saudi Arabia? What kind of economic, political, social and religious changes is the country going through? How does [More]

Eastern Mediterranean Climate Policy Forum In his article "The Decarbonisation Agenda in Türkiye, the European Union and the Eastern Mediterranean" published in Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, Güven Sak, Founding Director of the Economic Policy Research Foundation of Turkey (TEPAV), pointed out the potential for accelerating the decarbonisation efforts in the Eastern Mediterranean.
haber resmi 10/01/2024

    A recent article by Sak emphasizes the critical role of Türkiye's Customs Union (CU) modernization in establishing Ankara's pivotal contribution to a more sustainable Eastern Mediterranean. The report underscores the need for intensified [More]
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COP28 Observations Evaluation Note / Arda Yakıcı
haber resmi 05/01/2024

    The End of the Beginning - At COP28, a call was made to transition away from fossil fuels in energy systems in a fair, orderly, and equitable manner. In 1942, during the challenging days of World War II, the Allies' repulsion of Germany from [More]

Climate Policy Dialogue in The Eastern Mediterranean even more important Policy Note / Elif Güler, Sercan Sevgili
haber resmi 03/01/2024

    Excessive use of fossil fuels has led to dire consequences of global warming, in particular with increasing greenhouse gas emissions, causing global surface temperature in the period 2011-2020 to rise by an alarming 1.1 °C above the period 18 [More]
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Serdar Denktaş: "We need to be at the table with new proposals” During his presentation titled "Where are we with the Cyprus Issue? Where are we going?" held at TEPAV, former Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC), Serdar Denktaş, shared implementable proposals within the framework of a multiple-choice action plan, highlighting the possibility of a new phase regarding the Cyprus issue.
haber resmi 24/12/2023

    Former Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus TRNC, Serdar Denktaş, delivered a presentation titled "Where we with the Cyprus Issue? Where are we going?" hosted by TEPAV on December 21, 2023. [More]

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