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Insured Employment Drops by 325,000 Month-on-Month The SSI reported that the number of insured employees was 11,744,000 in October 2012.
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22/02/2013 - Viewed 1567 times


ANKARA – The number of insured paid employees decreased by 325,000 to 11,744,000 in October 2012.

The fifteenth issue of the TEPAV Employment Monitoring Bulletin reports that the number of insured paid employees reached 11,744,000 with an increase by 666,000 between October 2011 and 2012. Whereas, the number decreased month-on-month by 325,000, with almost one third (110,000) reported in construction, retail trade, education and transportation sectors. The Bulletin said:

“Although the construction sector (construction of buildings and other construction work involving special trade) still holds the largest share in total insured paid employment with 1,448,000 people, employment loss reached 75,000 in October in the sector. Among these, 51,000 jobs were in the construction of buildings and 23,000 in special trade.

Employment in the retail trade sector, which has a 10.9 percent share in total insured employment, decreased almost by 14,000 month-on-month, but increased by 73,000 in the last 12 months as of October 2012.”

Stressing that employment decreased by 10,000 in education and 11,000 in transportation sectors, “The decrease in employment between September and October 2012 is remarkable also after seasonal adjustment, reaching 295,000” the Bulletin said.


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