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Why is ISIS Targeting Turkey? Evaluation Note / Hilmi Demir, PhD.
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17/01/2017 - Viewed 3182 times

ISIS has for a long time been releasing videos targeting Turkey. Analyzing these videos and decrypting the messages they hold will certainly help us to understand why ISIS is targeting Turkey as well as coding the AK Party as its enemy.

ISIS has crossed several boundaries in this regard, and pronounced judgements about President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. The media committee officially relayed a judgement by Abu Habbab Al Iraqi, an ISIS religious leader, takfiring (pronouncing an unbeliever) the Turkish President. The video entitled “Turkey and the Fire of Racism” explained below contains important messages in understanding ISIS’ threats towards the AK Party. We can learn much from this short video about ISIS ideology and how the group situates Turkey in this context. The 18-minute video can be divided into eight parts.


You may read full paper from here.

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