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Yearly Increase in Total Employment is 1 Million, In The Manufacturing Industry Employment Increased by 202 Thousand 72nd Issue of TEPAV Employment Bulletin Is Published  
Haber resmi
29/05/2018 - Viewed 895 times


Using the Social Security Institution (SGK) data for February 2018  and İSKUR data for March 2018, the 72th issue of TEPAV’s Employment Monitoring Bulletin indicates that while the number of employees in formal employment increased by 1 million,  employment increased by 202 thousand  in the manufacturing industry.

The sector with the highest increase in the number of employees in formal employment (4/a) is construction of building sector with an increase of 145 thousand.  This sector is followed by education with an increase of 76 thousand, public administration and defence; compulsory social security with an increase of 65 thousand, retail trade with an increase of 54 thousand, human health activities  with an increase of 49 thousand.

The province in which the number of employees increased the most is İstanbul with an increase of 165 thousand. İstanbul is followed by Ankara with an increase of 70 thousand, İzmir with an increase of 64 thousand, Antalya with an increase of 45 thousand and Bursa   with an increase of 39 thousand.

In manufacturing sectors, manufacture of wearing apparel sector is the sector where the number of employees increased the most (36 thousand). This sector is followed by the manufacture of basic metal sector with 25 thousand, the manufacture of textiles sector with 24 thousand, the manufacture of machinery and equipment sector with 16 thousand, and the manufacture of other non metallic mineral products sector with 48 thousand.

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