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Sibel Güven, PhD
Program Director

Sustainability Governance Program

Sibel Güven, PhD

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Sibel Güven holds a B.Sc degree in Industrial Management, a M.Sc. degree in Operational Research and a Ph.D degree in Operational Research from Middle East Technical University.

While studying for her M.Sc. degree she started working for the Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey, Operational Research Unit, as a research assistant. Having completed her masters degree she won a post graduate scholarship from the British Council, and spend 2 years in Lancaster University as a researcher. Subsequent to her return to Turkey she worked for Marmara Scientific and Industrial Research Institute, and METU Systems Sciences Research Institute as a researcher responsible from carrying out applied and sponsored research for public and private institutions. In 1980 she joined the Industrial Engineering Department of METU as an instructor, while studying for her Ph.D degree.

Between 1986 and 1989 she was in Yarmouk University, Department of Business Administration as an Assistant Professor. From 1989 to beginning of 2003 she continued her academic career as an Associate Professor in the Industrial Engineering Department of METU. During her academic career, along with teaching undergraduate and graduate courses, supervising Masters and Ph.D. thesis, conducting research for industry and public sector, and giving continuing education seminars, she worked closely with Turkish industry and public administration bodies, as consultant and/or project manager in national and international projects, especially in Organizational and Management System Design, Strategic Planning, Development, Investment and Financial Planning related projects.

After leaving the University in 2003, Güven joined the MNG Tourism Group as the Systems Director for Cost Analysis. Güven was responsible from leading and coordinating hotel managers and cost analysis groups in each hotel of MNG Tourism Groups' 9500 bed -all inclusive- hotels, in analyzing the cost structure and developing models and measures to control the costs while maintaining and improving the quality of service. After leaving this position in September 2006 she has been working at the Economic Policy Research Foundation of Turkey (TEPAV) since November 2006.

Güven has been responsible from guiding and coordinating the impact assessment group in TEPAV and has directed and participated as a team member in various non EU and EU funded projects in the areas of general equilibrium modeling and policy analysis, impact assessment, cluster policy, and energy and environment policies.

Güven is the Director of the TEPAV Impact Assessment Program.

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