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The G20 Forum as an Opportunity to Improve Cooperation between Emerging and Advanced Economies Report / Feride İnan & Güneş Aşık
Haber Resim
30/12/2014 "The past few decades have been marked by the increasing integration and interconnectedness of the global economy, driven by trade-liberalizing policies, the removal of controls previously imposed on capital, and technological progress. The new glo [More]
Stability Institute Director Serdengeçti: “Turkey Compromises Price Stability for Financial Stability.” During the launch meeting of the latest World Bank report, the rise in inflation in Turkey was underscored.
Haber Resim
26/06/2012 ANKARA – TEPAV and the World Bank carried out a meeting on Tuesday 26 June 2012 to discuss the World Bank report titled “Global Economic Prospects 2012: Managing Growth in a Volatile World.” Delivering an opening speech, TEPAV Stability Inst [More]
The World Bank’s “Global Development Horizons” Report Presented at TEPAV Delivering the opening speeches, Serdengeçti stated that gold prices were an indicator that there were problems yet to be solved, and Zachau said that while they welcomed the BRSA measures, mortgage and car loans also needed to be monitored.
Haber Resim
22/06/2011 ANKARA - The flagship meeting of the World Bank's (WB) "Global Development Horizons 2011 - Multipolarity: The New Global Economy" in Turkey was held at TEPAV. The report, which discussed a new economic order with a multi-currency system centered ar [More]
World Bank’s Global Economic Prospects Report Discussed at TEPAV The Global Economic Prospects 2011 report by the World Bank was discussed at TEPAV by World Bank officials and economists with a special focus on the prospects for Turkey.
Haber Resim
21/01/2011 ANKARA - The Global Economic Prospects 2011: Navigating Strong Currents report recently published by the World Bank was discussed at a meeting held at TEPAV on Friday, January 21, 2011. Speaking at the opening of the meeting, TEPAV Economic Stud [More]
TEPAV Director Sak: "We are Going Through a Period Where Protectionism is Perceived to be Legitimate"
26/06/2009 In his opening speech for the "Global Development Finance 2009 - Map of Global Recovery" panel organized by TEPAV and the World Bank, TEPAV Director Prof. Dr. Güven Sak maintained that the character of the current financial crisis is indefinite and [More]