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Keywords: Urbanization

TEPAV 2013 Merih Celasun Award Theme is “Urbanization” Applicant studies are expected to focus directly on Turkey and benefit from international practices and experiences in doing so.
Haber Resim
27/10/2013 ANKARA – TEPAV continues to award academic studies in the memory of Prof. Dr. Merih Celasun, who created remarkable solutions to Turkey's structural problems throughout his career. The 2013 Merih Celasun Award theme will be “Turkey’s urbaniza [More]
Why is Turkey an Odd Country? | Esen Çağlar It is odd to invest in real estate and apartment blocks instead of in education.
Haber Resim
17/04/2013   "Our country’s agenda gets so odd at times that one inevitably wonders if such things happen in other places as well. Are we one of a kind? Is there any other country that has suffered from terrorism and high inflation for 30 years? Do the [More]
So Ali Ağaoğlu is Turkey’s Zuckerberg, eh? Commentary / Esen Çağlar
Haber Resim
05/11/2012   "A couple of months ago I asked why none of the Mark Zuckerbergs of the world lived in Turkey, but I have lately realized that Turkey does have a class of young dollar-billionaire entrepreneurs. So I would like to say a couple of things about [More]
Do Turks Prefer Urban Land Over Savings? Commentary/Esen Çağlar
Haber Resim
07/05/2012   "Our weak savings performance is perhaps the only issue upon which economists watching Turkey agree. Among them, some consider low savings as driven by low growth, and state that when other factors limiting growth are eliminated, the savings ra [More]
Professor Glaeser of Harvard University Assesses Turkey‘s Urbanization… Stating that Turkey has been a model in terms of economic transformation, Professor Ed Glaeser of Harvard University recommended paying attention to cars.
Haber Resim
24/01/2012   ANKARA – Professor Ed Glaeser from Harvard University held a presentation on urban economics at TEPAV’s Turkey Urbanization Review workshop. Shedding light upon urban transformation in the US, he also commented on Turkey’s urban transform [More]
Commentary/Esen Çağlar Are women in our cities not working because of insufficient subway systems?
Haber Resim
09/01/2012   "There is a debate we have missed out on due to the tumultuous agenda of the week: The Mayor of the Istanbul, Kadir Topbaş, said that the dolmuş (a shared transportation system where the rate is paid by the distance traveled) will gradually [More]
Commentary/Esen Çağlar: How can Turkey become world’s 10th largest economy with these pavements? TEPAV Economic Policy Analyst Esen Çağlar assessed Turkey's goal to become the tenth largest economy of the world, this time with reference to the urbanization experience.
Haber Resim
12/12/2011   "I spent the last week in three different cities: three days in Istanbul, two days in Paris and two days in Ankara. Lately, whenever I leave Ankara, questions about city planning run through my mind. The biggest question I had after the two [More]
Evaluation Note/Andrew Fraker & Damla Özdemir Female Labor Force Participation: How Does Turkey Compare?
Haber Resim
09/03/2011 Low female labor force participation (FLFP) levels lead to an excess amount of labor that can't be utilized in such economies. Women's lack of economic independence is also a serious cause for the underdevelopment of women's rights in a country. Am [More]