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GMF Policy Paper Release: Defining New Modes, Models, and Agendas for EU-Turkish Relations Leading European, American, and Turkish experts weigh in.
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27/06/2021 - Viewed 298 times




The German Marshall Fund of the United States (GMF), an American think tank dedicated to European-American ties including Turkey, has published their policy paper, “Defining New Modes, Models, and Agendas for EU-Turkish Relations.” The policy paper explores a wide-range of pressing topics of concern to EU-Turkish relations. These include the multilateral dimension of ties, NATO and the broader transatlantic alliance, bilateral trade, energy, refugee migration, politics, and security, to state a few.

Key insight on these matters are provided from GMF-TOBB Senior Fellow, Kadri Tastan; The Hellenic Foundation’s Head of the Migration Program and Senior Research Fellow, Angeliki Dimitriadi; Institut für Europäische Politik Director, Funda Tekin; Chatham House’s Associate Fellow, Galip Dalay; German Institute for International Security Affair’s Head of the Centre for Applied Turkey Studies, Günter Seufert; TEPAV’s Program Director, Güven Sak; GMF Brussels Executive Director, Ian Lesser; and Carnegie Europe’s Director, Rosa Balfour.



To access the GMF policy paper, click here.



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