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Employment Drops in the Education and Health Sectors Between November 2010 and November 2011, 30,000 people left jobs in the education sector.
Haber resmi
12/03/2012 - Viewed 2083 times


ANKARA – TEPAV stated that the education and health sectors faced the highest drops in employment. The stable, upward trend of employment in the education sector since 2008 turned downwards by mid-2011.

The fourth issue of the TEPAV Employment Monitoring Bulletin analyzes the outlook of the labor market on the basis of the data released by the Social Security Institution, the Turkish Statistical Institute, and the Turkish Employment Agency.

The Bulletin stated that education was the sector had undergone the highest drop in employment between November 2010 and November 2011. It said, “During these twelve months, 30,000 people left the education sector. This also implies that the number of formal paid workers in the sector decreased by 6.7 percent.”

The Bulletin added that the sector, which employs more than 415,000 paid workers, generally loses workers in summers, as could be expected. It added, “Apart from this seasonal effect, however, the stable pace of increase of employment in the sector since 2008 turned downwards by mid-2011.” The second greatest decrease in employment was observed in the health services sector. According to the Bulletin, during the twelve years between November 2010 and 2011, formal paid employment in the health sector decreased by 14,000, to 203,000.

The TEPAV Employment Monitoring Bulletin also involves sector, province and business-based assessments on employment and a specific focus on women’s employment.


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