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The Number of Insured Artisans Continues to Rise In July 2012 the number of insured artisans reached 1,938,000.
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15/12/2012 - Viewed 1555 times


ANKARA – TEPAV states that with the ongoing recovery in the statistics, the number of insured artisans as of July reached 1,938,000.

The twelfth issue of the TEPAV Employment Monitoring Bulletin reports that the number of insured artisans (non-agricultural), who have a share of 18 percent in total insured employment, started to grow with the help of the recovery in the investment climate in the aftermaths of the 2009 crisis. The bulletin reports that, “the number of insured artisans, which fell to 1,830,000 in July 2009, started to increase after the crisis and reached 1,938,000 by July 2012.” The bulletin continued:

“Two-thirds of artisans live in the top fifteen cities in the employment ranking. Istanbul hosts 24 percent of insured artisans, followed by Ankara and Izmir (with shares of 6.7 percent each). Antalya ranks third, hosting 4.3 percent of the insured artisan population and is followed by Bursa with a share of 3.9 percent. In Şanlıurfa, the number of insured artisans increased by 14.5 percent over the last year while in Diyarbakir it decreased by 31 percent.”


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